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Froma Harrop: Taping mouths at Harvard

Posted 3/8/2019 in National Columns

It was inevitable that the #MeToo movement, started with valid anger at sexual harassment, would open the door to bizarre accusations.


Froma Harrop: Why Canadians rule the cannabis business

Posted 3/5/2019 in National Columns

President Trump routinely waves his fist at alleged unfair trade practices, including at the hands of our good neighbor Canada. But what about playing fields that are uneven because the U.S. government makes them so? Witness the cannabis industry. It's enjoying explosive growth worldwide, but Canadians are running away with the profits because Washington has shackled their American competitors.


Webster supervisor's son arrested for Maben burglary

Posted 2/28/2019 in Starkville & Oktibbeha County

A Webster County supervisor's son is in jail for the reported burglary of several mini-storage units in Maben.


Froma Harrop: Bernie Sanders, it's over

Posted 2/22/2019 in National Columns

Before the 2016 presidential race, Bernie Sanders exuded some charm as an unapologetic lefty with a Brooklyn accent. But when his campaign gained traction, the authoritarian took over.


Froma Harrop: The star-crossed romance between Amazon and New York City

Posted 2/16/2019 in National Columns

So Amazon chose Valentine's Day to announce its breakup with New York City. No, it will not build a new headquarters in Queens as planned. Who is to blame for the split, the tech behemoth or grouchy New Yorkers? If one must choose, I'd say Amazon.


Froma Harrop: Time for democratic pushback on radicals

Posted 2/14/2019 in National Columns

Outsize attention has been paid to outlier Democrats making outrageous remarks. They are a small handful of House Democrats, though you'd never know it, given all their headlines.


Froma Harrop: Do we really need so many foreign tech workers?

Posted 2/7/2019 in National Columns

Americans don't usually think of technical professionals as "guest workers," yet at any one time, there are more than a half-million foreigners holding tech jobs in the U.S.


Froma Harrop: Shutdown hit a wall of truth evasion

Posted 1/29/2019 in National Columns

It's hard to count the half-truths, warped symbolism and abuse of logic that plunged our country into a government shutdown. Sure, blatant lies will do it, but these other players are worse because they are sneaky.


Froma Harrop: Are people ignoring Trump or just bored by him?

Posted 1/25/2019 in National Columns

It started during the midterm campaign. Democrats stopped talking about Donald Trump all the time. Now presidential hopefuls are doing the same.


Froma Harrop: Anti-vaxxers spread a plague of ignorance

Posted 1/21/2019 in National Columns

An outbreak of measles four years ago at Disneyland focused attention on a growing health menace -- the refusal of parents to vaccinate their children. The threat has gone international. The World Health Organization has just named the anti-vaccination movement among the 10 biggest global health crises.


Froma Harrop: Are we truly one paycheck from disaster?

Posted 1/15/2019 in National Columns

The partial government shutdown has forced some federal workers to move money around to pay for food and rent. No surprise there. What's shocking is the many who don't have the money to move.


Froma Harrop: If Trump really wanted to enforce immigration, he'd open the government

Posted 1/9/2019 in National Columns

We who follow immigration policy closely know that the wall is a dumb idea. Closing much of the government over it is dumber still.


Froma Harrop: Are we brave enough for the new world of reproduction?

Posted 1/7/2019 in National Columns

A new medical device may change almost everything we think about making babies. It may also sweep away the current controversy over abortion while creating new ethical dilemmas. We speak of the artificial womb.


Froma Harrop: Stop obsessing over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Posted 12/29/2018 in National Columns

The right can't stop talking about the incoming youngest member of the House, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The left isn't much better.


Froma Harrop: The self-destruction of US farmers

Posted 12/27/2018 in National Columns

Not long ago, agriculture was a crown jewel of America's export economy. Then President Trump happened.


Froma Harrop: Are we taking our security for granted amid Trump chaos?

Posted 12/26/2018 in National Columns

Wander the twinkling streets of Manhattan in this holiday season and marvel. Not at the wondrous store windows, dressed-up partygoers and festive music out of every speaker. To those used to it, the spectacle repeats every December.


Froma Harrop: Judge Sullivan confirms that we're not crazy

Posted 12/20/2018 in National Columns

Thank you, Judge Sullivan, for certifying the nation's sanity -- that ice is cold, rain is wet and the inhabitants of Trump world are also subject to the law.


Froma Harrop: May you be healthy and covered in 2019

Posted 12/18/2018 in National Columns

A federal judge in Texas just threw out the Affordable Care Act root and branch. If the decision were to survive legal challenges, an estimated 17 million Americans could lose their health coverage.


Froma Harrop: Why Barbara Bush is so high up in George H.W.'s obituaries

Posted 12/8/2018 in National Columns

Rarely has a president been identified so closely with his wife. That Barbara Bush never pursued a big-league career made her high profile even more remarkable. Nor did she fashion herself into an icon of elegance and glamour. She rose to prominence for simply being the partner-in-life of George H.W. Bush.


Froma Harrop: Bringing the future back into American politics

Posted 12/6/2018 in National Columns

An ad on ABC's "Live with Kelly and Ryan" shows a little girl dragging a teddy bear to her mom at an elegant dinner table. The mother hugs her again and again. Then up pop the words: "You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation."



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