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Alzheimer's on the rise in Mississippi

Posted 8/13/2016 in Area

Charlotte Holmes lived in a quaint, two-story house in Caledonia, mowed her own lawn and took care of herself without help. One day in 2011, she fell.


State senator praises educational advancement

Posted 8/10/2016 in Columbus & Lowndes County

As chairman of the Senate Education Committee, Mississippi Sen. Gray Tollison suggests student achievement in the state is on the rise, but the academic advancement will "not happen overnight."


Prairie Wildlife manager speaks of 'treasure of the South'

Posted 8/3/2016 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Xavier Fairley, a wildlife manager and shooting instructor for Prairie Wildlife of West Point, spoke to Columbus Rotarians at Lion Hills Center Tuesday afternoon, highlighting the enterprise's conservation efforts and explaining its hunting and lodging opportunities.


Summer Jobs Series: Learning by repetition

Posted 8/1/2016 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Miya Snell of Crawford may enjoy her summer job more than most students.


Starkville schools to emphasize leadership, life skills this year

The Starkville-Oktibbeha Consolidated School District plans to implement a new learning philosophy this school year, aiming to improve students' leadership, life skills and make them more productive individuals in and out of the classroom.


Area women shed negativity in cotton field photo shoot

Posted 7/30/2016 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Clad only in a black tank top and underwear, 33-year-old Julie Davis walked across an East Columbus cotton field holding a piece of paper.


Exchange Club distributes grants

Posted 7/29/2016 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Columbus' Exchange Club distributed a total of $6,000 in grants Thursday at Lion Hills Center to 11 charitable organizations that aim to improve the lives of local children.


Lowndes Co. public defender addresses Rotary

Posted 7/27/2016 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Collen Hudson, an associate at Sims and Sims law firm in Columbus, spoke to Columbus Rotary Club members Tuesday afternoon at the Lion Hills Center, sharing her experiences as a Lowndes County public defender and her impression of local crime.


First Vote: A Dispatch special series

Posted 7/26/2016 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Jacob Craig registered to vote in spring 2015. The Brooksville native and Mississippi State University sophomore plans to vote in his first presidential election this November but said he isn't keen on either of the two major party nominees.


Summer Jobs Series: From school work to yard work

Posted 7/25/2016 in Columbus & Lowndes County

John Neil Stanback of Columbus has seen his fair share of yard work.


First Vote: A Dispatch special series

Posted 7/19/2016 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Rising Mississippi State University sophomore and 2015 Columbus High School graduate Joshua Bridges registered to vote last summer. November will bring his first opportunity to cast a ballot in a U.S. presidential general election.


Summer Jobs Series: Columbus woman learning responsibility, budgeting

Posted 7/18/2016 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Summer jobs serve as rites of passage for many young adults who are learning the ropes of the "real world." Yonesha James said she is earning money to help with college expenses and making friends along the way.


Yoder Meat Snacks: A family business

Posted 7/15/2016 in Area

Three of Olen Yoder's sons pour chunks of beef chuck eye rolls and Boston butts into a meat grinder, stuff sausage casings with the ground meat and hang the stuffed casings on a rolling wooden frame to transport the soon-to-be summer sausages to an outdoor smoker.


Bad Check Unit sees fewer cases

Posted 7/13/2016 in Area

A district attorney's office division that has operating for almost 44 years may be declining in relevance.


First Vote: A Dispatch special series

Posted 7/12/2016 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Katherine Maer Kerby of Columbus will vote in her first presidential election on Nov. 8. Kerby registered to vote in fall 2015, shortly after her 18th birthday and considers herself to be politically active.


Young baker starts business

Posted 7/11/2016 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Katelyn Lowe loves to bake. She also has a sweet tooth. The result: Magnolia Cakes by Katelyn.


United Way director addresses Exchange Club

Posted 7/8/2016 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Danny Avery has been hard at work during his three months at the helm for the local United Way.


State Rep. Smith speaks to Columbus Rotary

Posted 7/6/2016 in Columbus & Lowndes County

State Representative Jeff Smith addressed state budget issues, House Bill 1523 and gun control at the regular Columbus Rotary Club meeting Tuesday afternoon at Lion Hills Center.


First Vote: A Dispatch special series

Posted 7/5/2016 in Columbus & Lowndes County

SabriAnan Micha, 19, from Starkville, registered to vote in spring 2015, so this November will mark her first presidential election as a voter.


Oktibbeha Co. Barn Quilt Trail reaches fourth year, boasts 26 quilts

Vicki Burnett of Starkville put Oktibbeha County on the map. The Barn Quilt Trail map, that is. "I went to a workshop one time, and a lady painted a barn quilt into one of her paintings," she said. "It was just really kind of intriguing, and that's when I first learned what a barn quilt was."



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