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Anne's Kitchen: Great bites for the holidays

Posted 12/10/2014 in Local Columns

At a reception held at the Rosenzweig Arts Center during the most recent Decorative Arts Forum I could hardly tear myself away from the table where a huge bowl was stacked with twisted strips of brown sugar bacon.


Anne's Kitchen: A good time for matzoh ball soup

Posted 11/12/2014 in Food

Matzoh ball soup is on my mind today for two reasons: The fall weather brings cold nights and thoughts of hot soup, and one of my oldest friends came through town and spent the night with Terry and me.


Market Fresh: A community jewel

Posted 10/29/2014 in Food

The Hitching Lot Farmers' Market in Columbus has officially closed for the season.


Market Fresh: Some favorite cookbooks

Posted 10/22/2014 in Food

Recently I went through my five cookbook shelves (each with about 50 books) and took some to the library for the book sale.


Market Fresh: From 'wound healer' to pork riblets -- make use of versatile local honey

Posted 10/15/2014 in Food

In Columbus, I have noticed what I consider a high number of beekeepers and honey gatherers.


Market Fresh: Sweet potatoes -- good any way you eat them

Posted 10/8/2014 in Food

Now that you've cooked all of your sweet potato leaves with last week's recipes, it's time to get to the tuber itself.


Market Fresh: Don't overlook those sweet potato leaves

Posted 10/1/2014 in Food

I'd said I was going to write about sweet potatoes for this week. They are everywhere right now and very important to Southern cooking. However, I have come across references to cooking with sweet potato leaves twice in the past week so thought that this is a trend we in the Golden Triangle can jump on and leave kale far behind.


Market Fresh: Chow-chow -- good to have in the pantry

Posted 9/24/2014 in Food

I was a little north of Columbus last weekend and found the farmers' market in Jasper, Alabama. We picked up some delicious corn, little yellow squash that were so tender, some habanera pepper jelly (can't wait!), a few cucumbers, some tomatoes (not quite prime) and a jar of chow chow.


Market Fresh: Garlic is good for that, too?

Posted 9/17/2014 in Food

My husband, Terry, reminds me weekly that we don't eat enough garlic.


Market Fresh: Fresh from the vine -- it's muscadine time

Posted 9/3/2014 in Food

My Terry can spot a wild muscadine or scuppernong from a mile away.


Market Fresh: Look what's out there -- 'winter' squash

Posted 8/27/2014 in Food

Last Saturday I was a late volunteer at the Hitching Lot Farmers' Market. That is, I arrived at 8:30 a.m. to stay until time to pack up the coffee and tables, around 10. I was delighted to see how busy things were when I arrived.


Market Fresh: Look what's cookin' with figs

Posted 8/20/2014 in Food

Figs seem to have such a short season here. Between the birds and the hot weather, their time in our area is fleeting. When I see them at the Hitching Lot Farmers' Market, as I did last week, I snatch them up and figure out what to do with them later.


Market Fresh: Cold soup for hot days

Posted 8/13/2014 in Food

A few nights ago at a reception I tasted a bright and fresh-tasting cucumber soup that Fred Kinder had brought. It was served from a pitcher and poured into clear plastic shot glasses.


Market Fresh: One-upped by Martha Stewart

Posted 8/6/2014 in Food

I have become hooked on throwing fresh cherry tomatoes into some olive oil in a skillet and adding whatever to make a sauce for whatever.


Market Fresh: Versatile watermelon: smoothies, salads and refreshing drinks

Posted 7/23/2014 in Food

Yahoo! Summer is still here. The Hitching Lot Farmers' Market is still thriving and bursting with color, conversation and culinary promise.


Market Fresh: Summer creamed corn and corn pudding -- yum

Posted 7/16/2014 in Food

Please excuse me if I've said this before, but I seem to have replaced my obsession with buying shoes with an obsession for buying corn.


Market Fresh: Amp up your "same old" with fresh field peas

Posted 7/9/2014 in Food

Market Fresh: Try these summer salsas

Posted 7/2/2014 in Food

Summertime entertaining and salsa go together like, well, chips and salsa. With all of the fresh ingredients available at the Hitching Lot Farmers' Market in Columbus and other area farmers' markets, now is the time to forsake the jarred version and put a little love into the bowl.


Market Fresh: Ahhh, refreshing -- agua fresca

Posted 6/25/2014 in Food

When the heat and humidity get to be too much a refreshing glass of agua fresca is just the thing.


Market Fresh: In a pickle

Posted 6/18/2014 in Food

For the month of June the Hitching Lot Farmers' Market teamed with the Friends of the Columbus-Lowndes Library to present Table Talks with a food theme.



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