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Possumhaw: Ever have that gut feeling?

Posted earlier today in Local Columns

You know that little pooch you get in your stomach as you age, well I just learned it's not your stomach at all.


Possumhaw: Strong libraries = strong communities

Posted 3/11/2019 in Local Columns

What if I told you that you could fill a whole big bag full of books of all shapes, sizes and subjects and you'd only have to pay $5. If you're a reader then it would be terrific, but even if you weren't a reader but you knew a reader, it would still be fabulous.


Possumhaw: The rains came down and the floods came up

Posted 3/4/2019 in Local Columns

Last week rainstorms rolled through the area flooding rivers, lakes and creeks. Naturally, like a snow day, we decided to take a look-see.


Possumhaw: Spring has sprung

Posted 2/25/2019 in Local Columns

There are some words that are just fun to say. As I drove from the Prairie through the Southside, I said the words out loud so as to enjoy them rolling across my tongue and to help myself call to mind what I was seeing.


Possumhaw: Murmurs of murmurations

Posted 2/16/2019 in Local Columns

Stepping outside at twilight, a whishing and whirling of hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions, of blackbirds could be heard as the birds were twirling across the sky. For a moment they may rest in the treetops or light on the ground, nosing under dry leaves.


Possumhaw: The Victorian art of salmon fly-tying.

Posted 2/9/2019 in Local Columns

Why would anyone want to steal dead birds? It was the hook that grabbed author Kirk Wallace Johnson's attention. It was the hook that grabbed mine. Johnson's book "The Feather Thief" introduced a world I knew nothing about.


Possumhaw: Bring your own bodock ball

Posted 2/2/2019 in Local Columns

There we were standing in the woods, surrounded by half-eaten and mostly-eaten bodock (bois d'arc) balls. Something had a party.


Possumhaw: Warm within and cold without

Posted 1/29/2019 in Local Columns

Sometimes the house feels like it's holding a chill. I add layer upon layer until I think I could hardly bend over, but still there's a chill.


Possumhaw: Here kitty, kitty

Posted 1/19/2019 in Local Columns

There's the Bobcat "One tough animal"- advertised as a compact, hardworking construction machine. There's the Sebastopol basketball team's bobcat mascot; then there's the bobcat that was spotted across the road from my driveway.


Possumhaw: Pick something you could be good at

Posted 1/14/2019 in Local Columns

Few things are so calming as sitting in a sun lit room with two cats tightly curled into a ball by your side.


Possumhaw: It's not over yet

Posted 1/7/2019 in Local Columns

While the guys were watching marathon football, I was reading articles about Three Kings Day, a celebration unknown to me. It started with the Parade magazine in the Sunday paper about an American actor married to an Argentine actress.


Possumhaw: Reading in the New Year

Posted 12/31/2018 in Local Columns

Predicted for the new year is plenty of good reads and a lot of running around. For Christmas the Bardwells each received two pairs of tennis shoes and a total of seven books.


Possumhaw: The heart of a child

Posted 12/22/2018 in National Columns

Every now and then you find a treasure, something so wonderful and precious you think your heart might explode. There in the pile of library book donations was a small book, maybe 5-by-7-inches. The title, "Worries-Wonders-Why." The copyright, 1993.


Possumhaw: A goose and a gander

Posted 12/17/2018 in Local Columns

The Canada geese are back in the fields and edging along the lakeside; sometimes venturing into the lake, drifting leisurely, foraging for food or avoiding visitors.


Possumhaw: Where did they all come from?

Posted 12/8/2018 in Local Columns

A host of Canada geese have remained with us for an unusually long time. Often the birds migrate in, settle for a while, and when the air turns cold, they head further south. But this year, they have stayed.


Possumhaw: The little bird book

Posted 12/3/2018 in Local Columns

The deciduous trees let go their leaves, the foliage folded into nothingness and the cold descended like the night sky.


Possumhaw: The season of giving

Posted 11/26/2018 in Local Columns

There he sat on the sidewalk, next to the big ice chest. He had a duffle bag and an empty two-gallon water jug. On the side of the water jug, written in magic marker, were the words, "need work." He held in his hands a book. At first, I thought it was the Bible.


Possumhaw: The way it was

Posted 11/19/2018 in Local Columns

Over coffee one morning Sam and I were discussing shoes; maybe I was more discussing and he was listening. I expressed my concern there were so few shoe stores.


Possumhaw: 'Twas a dark and stormy night

Posted 11/11/2018 in Local Columns

Monday a week ago, severe weather warnings were issued for the wee hours. That night, Sam -- the weather watcher -- said, "I'll set the alarm for 1 a.m. and get up and check the TV."


Possumhaw: The season, it is a changin'

Posted 11/5/2018 in Local Columns

Hallelujah, fall is finally here. One day the temperature is 55 degrees, and the next day temperatures rise to 70, maybe even 80. One night the gas heater gets lit, and another night air conditioning feels good.



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