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Being Beautiful: What do Minnie Pearl and Princess Diana have in common?

Posted 4/12/2014 in Columns

Easter bonnets might very well be a Southern thing, but they're a Southern thing I adore.


Being Beautiful: Pharmacist gets makeover prescription

Posted 4/5/2014 in Columns

Sometimes the best medicine comes from within -- a prescription of peace and tranquility. It also never hurts to add a dose of your favorite stylist to treat those side effects still lingering from a blah winter.


Being Beautiful: Finding the flat iron that's just right for you

Posted 3/29/2014 in Columns

Furry Easter Bunny ears, speckled eggs, baskets galore have been in my peripheral vision this season -- so far. I walked right by them all the other day in my hunt for the perfect flat iron.


Being Beautiful: Fragrance: Personal expressions form lasting impressions

Posted 3/22/2014 in Columns

I am so nostalgic. In fact, I'm often so busy looking back that it's difficult for me to look forward.


Timeless advice from Coco Chanel

Posted 3/15/2014 in Columns

Shanna Head is a lively, youthful spirit with a contagious laugh who fills any room with fun. So when she got spring fever, I did, too! Through several seasons, Shanna has worn her hair long, and much to my surprise she confessed she never had highlights, ever.


Being Beautiful: All eyes on, well, beautiful eyes

Posted 3/9/2014 in Columns

On Sunday, March 2, all eyes were on the flowing Prada gown worn by Lupita Nyong'o at the Oscars, but when the lights dimmed, among the movie stars of a certain age, more attention was probably being paid to finding ways to have younger eyes.


Being Beautiful: Getting frostbitten and sunburned on the same day

Posted 3/1/2014 in Columns

The pansies are fading away. The daffodils are almost in full bloom. This could only be a sign that winter is on the way out, making way for spring.


Being Beautiful: Say cheese: 'Selfies' make you the photographer

Posted 2/22/2014 in Columns

The selfie was the Internet craze of 2013, and self-portraits of everyone from the president to Grand Peggy are showing up in my Instagram and Facebook feeds well into 2014.


Being Beautiful: The Oscar-worthy makeover goes to ... you?

Posted 2/15/2014 in Columns

Women of all ages are falling in love with one of the year's most daring trends: short hair.


Being Beautiful: Valentine ideas for the guys, from the guys

Posted 2/9/2014 in Columns

Recently, I was going through boxes of my mama's old photographs when I found all the valentines she had tucked away from years gone by.


Being Beautiful: Fabulous fashion tips from Minnie Mouse

Posted 1/25/2014 in Columns

The runways always inspire. Last week I spent time with my favorite fashion-forward mouse at the Magic Kingdom, where she is always at home on the runway in sequins, everything pink and sparkly.


Being Beautiful: Beauty tips for multi-tasking moms

Posted 1/12/2014 in Columns

We all know women are the ultimate multi-taskers, especially moms.


Being Beautiful: Everything old is new again

Posted 1/4/2014 in Columns

The '70s, so I am told, was a groovy era. I was just a kid, but even I remember the bell bottoms, wedge heels and episodes of "The Brady Bunch" in which Marcia was the beauty, Cindy was the baby and, well, there was Jan in the middle. The Bee Gees were on every radio station, Farrah Fawcett was the sex symbol and three iconic haircuts came onto the scene, man.


Being Beautiful: Of George Jones, Duchess Catherine and the First Lady's hairdo

Posted 12/28/2013 in Columns

I sit here wrapped in my favorite cozy scarf, recalling all the New Years I have known, both as a child lighting up the dark country nights with my brothers and a bag of "firecrackers" to elegant dinner parties clinking champagne flutes as an adult. Yes, I am wearing my silver sequined slippers, y'all.


Being beautiful: Santa can't do all the work

Posted 12/14/2013 in Columns

It seemed each day I added something new to my flocked tree -- old world Santas, silver glittered ribbons, ice blue glass balls -- yet something was still missing.


Being beautiful: Seeing the extraordinary woman in your mirror

Posted 12/7/2013 in Columns

Hair, more than anything else, dictates how a woman feels about who she really is, and I strive to make sure that every client who sits in my chair feels pampered and loved."


Being beautiful: 'Tis the season for dazzling makeup moments

Posted 11/30/2013 in Columns

Without question, my favorite memory of my beautiful mama is her love of makeup. Even in the darkest of days, nothing put a smile on her face quite like a bright lipstick or shimmery blush.


Being beautiful: Thankful for a hundred thousand things

Posted 11/23/2013 in Columns

I see Christmas everywhere, and that must mean it's time for Thanksgiving. Even though my table is set with turkey motif dishes surrounded by pumpkins, gourds and acorns, I confess the other rooms are spilling over with Christmas decor.


Being beautiful: Leave them breathless with your own silver linings playbook

Posted 11/16/2013 in Columns

Being beautiful: Here comes the bride!

Posted 11/9/2013 in Columns


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