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Roger Truesdale: 'No Name' friends


Roger Truesdale



Several weeks ago I got a nice surprise when I checked my e-mail. It wasn''t as much an invitation as it was a notice: After some 15 or so years the old supper club was having a reunion. 


Years before I moved to Columbus a young group of up-and-comers organized it. They named it the "No Name Supper Club" (NNSC). When I think of a supper club, I think of, say, three or four couples getting together every other month or so for a white tablecloth gourmet meal. 


The No Namers didn''t use that model. They found 24 couples that enjoyed a good lively time. Two couples would choose a month and host a supper; that''s cooking for a whole lot of folks. I can tell you over the years we ate a lot of variations of chicken spaghetti and green salads. The hosts would keep an accounting of what the meal cost and members would pay their "fare" share. Oh -- and BYOB. 


Food was not the draw. It was fun. The group was very diverse in careers, interests and backgrounds, a perfect mix for a good time. 


One of my favorites was hosted by local attorney John Crowell on the roof of Court Square Towers. What a setting for dinner -- a sunset and the lights of downtown. Those of us who know John have long recognized his expertise when it comes to handling legal matters; however, that night we discovered his creative side. He''s a playwright. 


John wrote a play. Each member was given a part; rather, lines to read. He set up a video camera in one of the offices. Each member was called to "perform" their line. Later in the evening after dinner, the play was shown, a comedic masterpiece if there ever was one -- and such acting! 


As we got older, the NNSC gave way to other interests. Most of us during the club''s heyday had toddlers who soon grew into dancers, baseball and basketball players and scouts. Young parents only have so much time. Something had to go, and sadly it was supper club. 


Every club needs a facilitator who can keep things interesting, organized and on track. Friend and former fellow columnist Bob Raymond was that person -- the glue. Over the last few years when I''d run into Bob, I''d ask him to get us all back together. "Working on it," he''d say. 


I guess he got tired of all our prodding and brought us back together with the able assistance of No Namers Jay and Julie Jordan. 


We all hold the bona fides to be card-carrying members of the AARP; therefore, the reunion was held at the senior citizen facility out on Gardner Boulevard in Columbus. Making sure not to overwork us in our golden years, the meal was catered -- colossal-sized sandwiches, potato chips and brownies. Again, it''s not about the food. When the cost was divided up dinner came to a mere eight bucks a head. 


I''ve had a bounce in my step all week. Amazing what a good night in the company of old friends not seen for a while can do to lift ones spirits. I like having "No Name" friends.


Roger owns Bayou Management, Inc. and is also a semi-pro guitar player.


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Article Comment anita webber commented at 3/1/2011 7:18:00 AM:

Saw your write up on the NNSC. Wish I could have been there!!! Those were fun days-- heard you blessed the group with a new original song "Viagra Falls" Keep up the good work


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