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David Creel: Easy tips for a more youthful you


David Creel



Spring is well underway, and the bright yellow rays of the daffodils'' smiles have popped up everywhere with the magnificent rainbow of azalea blossoms competing for the attention. It''s my favorite time of the year, with pilgrimages of old Southern homes on tour and well-worn garden paths leading us through the towns we love.  


But why not talk a bit about some anti-aging tips for our beauty routines? I don''t know about you, but while an antique settee from the 1800s is a marvel to admire in a Columbus mansion or cottage, wrinkles and crow''s feet are a bit less desirable. Now, don''t get me wrong, because I think aging gracefully is a beautiful thing. Sometimes, however, we want to tiptoe into it and not take giant steps, right? 


One mistake women make is the wrong foundations, both kinds -- undergarments and cosmetics. Women of a certain age should get their "pick-me-ups" from all the right places, and that includes a perfectly flattering support bra. The best thing I ever did for my 72-year-young mama was make her an appointment with a lingerie specialist. Yes, they exist, and she measured her (with eyes open and notepad nearby) for the best fitting undergarments. It improved her posture and poise. Daddy thinks it even improved her personality. 


The foundation of another kind is the one we apply to the face, and it should match perfectly with your God-given skin tone, when possible. Too dark will make you look older faster than you can say "octogenarian," and this includes bronzers, self-tanners and dark brown lipsticks. The secret to younger, radiant foundation is all about a light, bright color that illuminates the face imitating that glow older skin sometimes misses with age.  


When in doubt, simply mix a bit of foundation with a drop of moisturizer, and it will energize the skin while staying true to a more youthful texture on the face. Now, that will make you smile more! 


Speaking of smiles, try some of the at-home teeth whitening systems. In less than two hours, your smile can take 10 candles off the birthday cake, guaranteed.  


Another age-defying tip is to get your hair blown dry by a professional and take notes so you can mimic what the stylist does at home. When the hairstyle permits, slide a smoothing iron across the strands for a glass-like shine that just screams gorgeous. Also, as a general rule, hair that moves is a good thing! Helmet hair is aging and dated, so opt for hair that you can run your fingers through. Hair that has vitality and energy always keeps us guessing about that magic number of candles. When in doubt, flip through a magazine or two and ask your stylist to update and modernize your style next time. You''ll feel peppier. It might even cause you to skip down the sidewalk on your next outing.  


Now, I''m going to sit on the back porch, sip some cold lemonade and admire my neighbor''s imposing bouquet of wisteria blooms trailing across my fence.


Former Columbus resident David Creel owns Beautiful With David salon in Jackson and has 20 years experience in the beauty industry. Contact him at [email protected]


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