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David Creel: Pink is the color of spring


David Creel



I have always loved pink. Secretly, of course, because little boys just did not express themselves with a feminine color like pink, but somewhere between eighth grade and high school yearbook camp, the ''80s happened.  


Cyndi Lauper, Madonna and Boy George ruled, and neon pink was my new best friend because girls aren''t the only ones who "just wanna have fun," right? Well, Mama gave in, and thus began my adoration for magenta, fuchsia and the full spectrum of pink. Nothing screams springtime more than a fresh pink face, whether it''s a rosy shade of blush swirled onto the apples of the cheeks or a hot pink glossy lip. Ah, I love it. Once I painted my entire upstairs in a myriad of pink hues just for the heck of it.  


So, all my ramblings about pink are for one reason and one reason only: you should always keep your beauty routine seasonal in a color that is of the moment. Think pink when perusing the cosmetics counters for a new lipstick, blush or nail polish. Since pink has such a versatile palette, you could go with a soft, "barely there" lip with a sweep of blush in the same hue, or go bold with a bright, neon pink lip gloss. Let the eyes and cheeks fade into the background.  


Pink can be a staple in your spring wardrobe as well. A vibrant pink headband or jeweled barrette can adorn any hairstyle for a pop of color whenever au currant is the order of the day. Also, consider punctuating an otherwise boring pair of slacks with a hot pink shoe. Genius! 


I will always love pink. Pink crepe myrtles and pink hyacinths in the spring, pink gladiolus in the summer and, yes, even Pink, the singer, when she sings, "So raise your glass ... " Raise it to a bouquet of beautiful things in pink this year!


Former Columbus resident David Creel owns Beautiful With David salon in Jackson and has 20 years experience in the beauty industry. Contact him at [email protected]


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