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David Creel: Five rules for 'makeover' success


David Creel



When I first became Mississippi''s "makeover guy" some years ago through my weekly newspaper column, in a way I found my calling for the first time. Oh, I had worked with beautiful women in salons for a long time before and have been lucky to do so since, but the notion of helping a woman realize her fullest potential, helping her to feel as beautiful as she already is, now that''s a real energizer for me! 


I have had the distinct privilege to "make over" women of all ages, from school teachers to doctors and carpool moms to CEOs. Many of those women have been photographed in newspapers and magazines across the state, demonstrating for all to see the "before" and "after" of new hair, makeup, and sometimes even wardrobe.  


I''m excited to be starting a new monthly makeover series on WDBD, FOX 40 in Jackson, and I invite you to nominate your friends, mothers, sisters, wives, or even yourself. We hope to select women who give so much of themselves to others or who are overcoming adversity with grace, folks who truly deserve some special treatment. 


For every woman who simply wants to shine with your most radiance, here are my makeover rules:



  • Beauty comes from within. It is a cliché, but it is absolutely true. While we can address lipstick choices or bangs and often make improvements, every woman exudes her greatest beauty from her true core, somewhere deep inside. When we are very lucky, sometimes adjusting even something small on the outside can unlock that glow from within. 


  • A makeover does not have to be drastic, and it does not mean there was anything wrong to start. It can be long hair to short or blond to red, but sometimes it can be as simple as a more flattering eye shadow or some highlights. Some women are ready to make big changes, while others simply want to go from good to great. Either option is fine. 


  • You''re the boss -- always. If you don''t feel like the boss in any kind of hair or makeup application, you need to find another service provider. While we are here to give our professional opinions, only you know how much change will be comfortable for you. 


  • Versatile equals good. I did a makeover on a teacher last week, and we came up with three unique styles that she can accomplish with the same cut and color application, taking her from day to evening and everywhere in between. 


  • It needs to fit your lifestyle. If you are a mother of five or if your job is to supervise 25 kindergarten students, you can absolutely still exude glamour, but it needs to be in a practical, easy way that doesn''t require all of your time and energy.


Whether you are ready for a makeover or simply want to let your beauty shine through as it already is, keep these simple rules in mind for a look that is fabulous and, most important, uniquely your own.


Former Columbus resident David Creel owns Beautiful With David salon in Jackson and has 20 years experience in the beauty industry. Contact him at b[email protected]


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