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Betty Stone: Ode to Chilton County peaches


Betty Stone



O, Chilton County peaches! 


Those Chilton County peaches! 


Just think how very much they give us pleasure; 


Under umbrella or shed, 


Or from ledge or pick-up''s bed, 


Vendors show their ware, their enticing treasure. 




In the sizzling summer sun, 


Till the longest day is done, 


They unload their baskets into plastic bags; 


For those fuzzy little spheres, 


Yummy fruit that has no peers, 


Our enthusiasm seldom ever lags. 




Orbs that shade from red to gold, 


Juicy flesh, if truth be told, 


That enhances cake, cookies, pie or ice cream; 


But it''s tastiest, I claim, 


When the fruit is eaten plain, 


Sweetly savored like a gustatory dream. 




Watermelon can be fun, 


But when all is said and done, 


It''s sometimes a lot more trouble than it''s worth. 


Blackberries can be gathered, 


But you''ll be stuck and lathered, 


When you try to pick them from their prickly berth. 




Now, our local fruit is great, 


And I will not it berate, 


But when you think of Mother Nature''s bounty, 


There is nothing to compare 


With the peaches that we share 


From Alabama friends in Chilton County! 




Is it Alabama soil, 


Or the farmers'' daily toil 


That produces fruit that''s extraordinaire? 


Forget such idle chatter 


That does not really matter; 


The taste is great; that is all I really care. 




Of the pleasures summer holds, 


When vacation time unfolds, 


And leisure far into the future reaches, 


Whether swimming, reading books, 


Having naps or fishing hooks, 


Among the best are Chilton County peaches! 




Betty Boyls Stone is a freelance writer, who grew up in Columbus.


Betty Boyls Stone is a freelance writer, who grew up in Columbus.


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Article Comment cegweb commented at 8/24/2011 10:54:00 AM:

Great poem! I think you covered the magic of Chilton County Peaches very well!


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