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David Creel: Beautiful class is in session


David Creel



Recently I held a workshop at my salon for two days, kicking off the holiday season, and I learned a few things in the process. Now, I'm no stranger to teaching small audiences everything I know, from lipsticks to lightening hair. The salon was adorned with all the glittery things you would expect, from twinkling white trees to snow globes, as the holidays were our theme for a sparkling weekend of fun.  


Since all of you could not make it to our little soiree, I felt like Santa would be proud of me if I shared some of the magic of the workshop with you, minus the sparkling lights and the goodie bags. 


We all nibbled on a breathtaking lunch complete with homemade chicken salad and bite-size pecan, fudge and lemon pies before breaking the ice with our kazoo horns. Might I say you ain't lived until you have heard those ladies playing Christmas carols. The laughter was contagious! 


We learned about each person's facial shape, and I reminded everyone that there are two ways to enhance the facial shape: With the proper hairstyle and blush techniques. A side bang does wonders for the more angular faces, while a sleek chin-length bob is a round-shaped girl's best friend. Also, the best way to slenderize the round- or diamond-shaped face is by placing two fingers beside the nose and sweeping blush out toward the hairline or smiling to add a darker shade of blush underneath the cheekbones.  


We didn't stop there. We also debunked a few myths. Plucking out a gray hair or two will not cause two or three to come back in its place, but should be discouraged because it might damage the roots. Women of a certain age can and should wear shimmer on the face, but in the right place like the eyelids and perhaps a bit of illuminating shimmer highlighter on the brow bone, cheekbones and down the bridge of the nose.  


I opened my bag of tricks and shared the magic within: Lash primer underneath mascara for added drama, mixing a drop or two of night serum into concealer for a fatigue-fighting weapon during the daytime, and (whether it costs a little or a lot) moisturizer with SPF 15 each morning and night. 


So, we might have missed you at the workshop last weekend, but I hope you felt like a part of the magic by reading my column. The Mark Roberts Santa fairies will be hanging out all through the holidays awaiting you, if you get a chance to swing by and say hello. And remember to create your own sparkle this season. If you find something extra beautiful, give it to a friend or two as well. 



Former Columbus resident David Creel owns Beautiful With David salon in Jackson and has 20 years experience in the beauty industry. Contact him at [email protected]


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