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David Creel: Of Rockettes, choir boys and making memories


David Creel



It's Christmas all around the world, or at least all around my world. I went all out this year with my decorations, and can you believe it, not one single casualty yet caused by a Great Dane named Naomi.  


Every year is the same. I pull out just one or two boxes, and before you know it, my house is like a winter wonderland. I must confess that I do love it. One of my favorite things is my village collection of Department 56 Christmas in the City that I have just gone mad over.  


The first few were given to me just last year: The Fifth Avenue Salon with the little ladies sitting under hair dryers when the lights are on inside, Lafayette's Bakery with yummy confections in the windows, and Sterling Jewelers coming alive with a ruby necklace that can be seen from the sidewalks. Even the kids decorating Frosty nearby give me pause for a few moments. 


Others I have added to my snow-covered addiction most recently such as the Heritage Museum of Art that sits high on a mountaintop (made of books and cardboard covered with a snow blanket), the Hi-De-Ho Night Club that nestles into a little corner of my living room with a jazz band on the rooftop, and the Wintergarten CafĂ© awaiting weary shoppers that drop in, for hot chocolate I suppose.  


It might seem to some like a silly hobby to adorn the bookshelves, tables and mantles with replicas of a city blanketed in snow, hustling and bustling with the sights and sounds of the holidays, yet it makes my heart smile as each one comes out of the box and out of its little plastic wrapping each year.  


Once all the houses, churches and stores are positioned, the last thing, and probably the most fun for me, is the sprinkling of little white powdered snowflakes all over the rooftops, topiaries and sidewalks.  


Ah, I do love having a tiny lighted-up version of the world, or at least a city spreading yuletide cheer in miniature magic throughout my home. The choir boys are sporting their ironed robes and best behavior as they sing outside Holy Trinity Church, and the best of all, at least to me, is Radio City Music Hall on the desk near the front door, complete with the Rockettes doing famous high kicks in the snow to welcome all my holiday guests. Not one of them, the Rockettes or my guests, came for a bang trim or to get her roots done, and for just a few days, I'm glad. I'll be happily back to that reality next week. 


It's Christmas all around the world, or at least all around my world indeed, and I hope you will find some magic of your own, something beautiful to marvel at for years to come.  


Naomi and I will be sad to tuck the gentleman on the bench reading his newspaper, Santa ringing the bell, and all the others into their little Styrofoam boxes in a few days, but we are so glad they came to visit for a spell.  


Merry Christmas to you, one and all!


Former Columbus resident David Creel owns Beautiful With David salon in Jackson and has 20 years experience in the beauty industry. Contact him at [email protected]


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