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Air Force seeks "prior service'' recruits


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Enlisted veterans who have been honorably discharged over the past few years or are currently serving in the National Guard or the Air Force Reserves may be eligible to return to active duty.  


The Air Force, through its prior service recruiting program, is seeking 250 highly qualified prior service applicants to fill a variety of jobs from recruiter to contractor and many others, depending upon past experience.  


The program is open to prior service members of all branches, who have successfully completed basic training and been separated for at least 90 days. Guard and Reserve applicants will need a conditional release from their commander.  


The process can take anywhere from one to four months, and applicants may be required to retake their physical and Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test.  


"I have had many veterans in the past ask me if they could come back," said Tech. Sgt. Gregory Hite, the local Air Force recruiter. "This new program will allow interested and eligible veterans to return to the active duty Air Force."  


All applicants will fill out a base-of-preference worksheet for assignment and pay grade will be determined by current Air Force instruction.  


"This is a win-win program," Hite said. "Many service members get out to pursue another passion and realize how much they miss the Air Force. The Air Force wins with the member's experience being returned to the active duty."  


For more information, and for additional program requirements, call Hite at 662-241-5811.



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