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Adele Elliott



I have been making baby steps into several non-traditional ways of thinking. These may be considered unorthodox in Western thought, but are well accepted in many other parts of the world. 


One of my favorites is feng shui, a Chinese word that is literally interpreted as wind-water. It is a way of balancing elements in the home to create positive energy and attract luck. 


I first learned about this many years ago when a friend, who did not have a computer, asked me to look up some information about feng shui. At that time, I couldn't even spell it and ended up with nude photos of the actress Elizabeth Shue! I certainly am no expert, but at least now I can spell it. 


Feng shui is not something that can be explained in one column; however, the few things that I tried have brought amazing and speedy results. 


One was the use of a horse to attract wealth. The execution was quite easy. Get a horse (not a real one), and put it in your living room, or on your desk, facing south. I found some very pretty plastic horses at the dollar store and purchased several. I kept one and gave two away. Since then, I have had my first job interview in many months (keep your fingers crossed) and two temporary jobs that will pay for the much-needed brakes on my car. 


The other two friends who have the horses have also been contacted about freelance opportunities and have received several unexpected offers. 


I even found a web site, They send me a daily tip. I must admit that some of the advice is a bit over my head, because I am such a novice. But the very small changes I have made seem to have produced results. 


A quick Internet search did not reveal any feng shui consultants in our area. If there are some, I would love to hear from you. 


I was also lucky enough to have my first experience with acupuncture. The laws in Mississippi dictate that we must have a doctor's recommendation for this procedure. My doctor was happy to oblige. 


Acupuncture is a bit like receiving a spa treatment. The patient is seated in a comfy, overstuffed recliner. Instantly, tension dissolves, and a feeling of peace envelopes your body. This is a procedure that helps ease so many complaints, from arthritis to the nausea that comes with chemotherapy. It is not necessarily something to be used instead of Western medicine, but can be an accompaniment to it. 


I know what you are thinking -- did it hurt? Not at all. I felt nothing except calmness and relaxation. I was sorry when it was over.  


My friend Keith Worshaim is a retired policeman, with tattoos. He expressed fear about the pain of acupuncture. Keith, I assure you, there was none. But really, didn't getting those tattoos hurt? 


I suppose I am working on attracting all the luck that I can. I wish on stars, never step on cracks in the sidewalk, and am always on the lookout for four-leaf clovers. Some things work, some do not. But even if my approach is unscientific, it is fun. 


I send all my readers best wishes for wonderful luck and much happiness, whether you believe in old wives' tales, or well-researched and documented facts.


Adele Elliott, a New Orleans native, moved to Columbus after Hurricane Katrina.


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