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Being beautiful: Getting on the road again


David Creel



It's tailgate season in the South and although we never did much of that growing up, there were occasions when Mama packed up her beauty essentials to hit the road with four boys and her cowboy husband in tow.  


With apologies to Willie Nelson whose music I like quite a lot, I have never wanted "my ladies" to choose him as your hair inspiration. I don't mind a bit, however, if you follow the lead of his song and get "on the road again," whether it's a stylish outing to a college football game or a fall trip to Italy. 


It's a rite of passage, I suppose, more so for the Southern gal than others, to always be prepared. And, yes, I am counting you transplanted ladies as Southern gals as well. Those big bags are meant to haul stuff, right? I learned a thing or two over the years running all over town from one photo shoot to another and by simply paying attention to the things in the oversized totes my friends carry.  


Always keep moist towelettes that come in resealable packages nearby for quick makeup fixes on the road. Some even come enriched with the fresh aroma of cucumbers or relaxing scent of lavender. It's a far stretch from my mama's wet washrag in a ziplock bag, but thankfully we have come a long way.  


I have learned that concealer, lipstick and mascara are lifesavers when traveling. If you are doing an overnighter or long weekend away, store your cosmetics in one of those fashionable temperature controlled totes meant for bottled water. Nothing is sadder than your favorite shade of lipstick melting in the heat, and that can happen well into October in Mississippi. 


I've seen everything under the sun in the travel bags of the most stylish women -- miniature styling tools such as foldup hair dryers, tiny flat irons and even battery-operated curling irons. You can't take your whole arsenal from home, so simplify and take portable sizes of your favorites.  


Next time you purchase your favorite cosmetics, whether foundation, moisturizer or mascara, ask your makeup artist for a few extra sample sizes perfect for getting out on the highway. Now if you have never bought a thing at that cosmetics counter, the salesperson might not be thrilled, but if you are a regular client, a few samples for the road aren't too much to ask and can really simplify your packing. 


Toss in extra jewelry, a hat for a bad hair day (which we all have occasionally), and perhaps some comfy shoes. When it comes to mobile style, a lady must still always be ready for whatever comes her way.


Former Columbus resident David Creel owns Beautiful With David salon in Jackson and has 20 years experience in the beauty industry. Contact him at [email protected]


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