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Adele Elliott: Seeing stars


Adele Elliott



The nights are becoming a bit cooler now. Draped over our Golden Triangle is a velvet cloak, scattered with crystal stars. The moon has looked especially lovely lately. We are all anxious for autumn, perhaps the most pleasant of seasons. 


Astrologically, today we move from the sign of Virgo, into Libra. No matter if these are not your sun signs; they still have an influence on us. 


Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which effects communication and travel. I certainly felt the power of that planet this past week. 


My friendships increased in some very nice ways. I made a new friend and developed a deeper connection with an old acquaintance. I was able to track down my creative writing teacher, a woman with whom I had lost contact over 10 years ago. The most exciting event was a phone call from a friend that I had not heard from in three years. 


Thanks to the Internet, and in particular, to Facebook, I will be able to remain in contact with these dear souls, even though they are living in other states around the country. 


Today marks the beginning of Libra, the sign that rules art and beauty. We may feel like sprucing up our homes and yards. Of course, that could just be because the milder temperatures motivate us to expend some of the energy which had evaporated with the three-digit thermometer readings. Goodbye, summer, so glad to see you go. 


Libra will most likely bring out the autumn decor in downtown Columbus. I love seeing the jaunty scarecrows perched on big bales of hay. They always make me smile. Some mornings they are a bit askew. It is as if they jumped up to do a cheerful dance when everyone else was sleeping. They may be tired but they just keep smiling. 


I suppose it is not too early to start a Christmas list. There are certainly a lot of gift choices offered by local merchants. I love to peer into the windows. The Bride and Groom shop is always a stunner. I will never be in the market for a bridal gown again. But there is no harm in looking. 


Hollyhocks is more my speed. There is always something irresistible in there. Columbus has everything from vintage clothing, to antiques for the home, to smart and stylish new clothing for men and women. I wish I could list them all. Starkville, too, is a fun and easy place to shop, and to catch some great local theater. 


I am looking forward to a great fall season. This area is so very lovely when the leaves glow with the fiery colors of autumn. No matter if we are planning marathon shopping trips, or using that Libra energy to make our world more beautiful, it is time to think "cool." 


Tonight I will probably look up into the glittering sky and make a million wishes on the stars that hang above us. I hope all of your wishes are granted as well.


Adele Elliott, a New Orleans native, moved to Columbus after Hurricane Katrina.


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