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Being beautiful: Hair-raising tricks and treats aren't just for children


David Creel



It's almost Halloween, and that means tricks and treats galore. The treat for me is laughing out loud remembering two little kids standing in the aisle at the local grocery store at this very time last year. The giggles spread through the aisles as those two stood for what seemed like hours making "selfies" wearing all of the scary masks.  


Ah, well, why not make a true confession? It was not two kids, but my mama and me, and time truly stood still for us that day amongst the candy corn and ghostly decor as two best friends became a spooky spectacle in the Kroger. 


I find the tricks to be a bit more serious, especially when it comes to hair. One of my favorites is the faux bob hairstyle. It's quite clever for those longing for a whimsical crop, but running from the scissors. Simply pull the hair into a loosely gathered ponytail, twist, and secure it from underneath by tucking loose ends and fastening with bobby pins. You can fool the best of them with a faux bob today and long hair tomorrow. Now, I call that magic. 


Next, my newest obsession is "roll-ups." The new flat self-adhesive strips magically roll-up and turn into small rollers for tight curls or giant rollers for voluminous waves, and it's not a game of smoke and mirrors. It really works. Just wrap blow-dried sections around the rollers, allow the hair to cool, and remove for a hold that will last well into the witching hour.  


Conair Adjust a Curl Self-Grip rollers sell for $15 at Ulta, and there may be some other brands on the market as well. The best trick is that you don't have to battle the round brush while drying and then add waves with a curling iron. Plus, these roll-ups fold out flat again and magically disappear into your vanity or travel bag. 


The last trick that requires no magic wand or witch's cauldron is the hair potion called dry shampoo. "Dirty hair styles better" is not an urban myth. Fresh, clean hair can be limp, flat and unmanageable at times, so some of my clients prefer to go a few days between shampoos.  


The trick is to apply dry shampoo powder spray onto the roots. This way we get the styling advantages of hair that isn't freshly washed, but you can enjoy the feel of clean, non-oily hair. LUSH No Drought gets rave reviews, but beware because a little goes a long way. Redken Powder Refresh 01 is also a good option. 


Halloween is the time for jack-o-lanterns, candy corn and fun for the little ghosts and superheroes, but the hair-raising tricks and treats aren't just for children. You can raise some good hairstyles of your own if you keep these tips in mind.


Former Columbus resident David Creel owns Beautiful With David salon in Jackson and has 20 years experience in the beauty industry. Contact him at [email protected]


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