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Being beautiful: Santa can't do all the work


David Creel



It seemed each day I added something new to my flocked tree -- old world Santas, silver glittered ribbons, ice blue glass balls -- yet something was still missing. 


I stood back and pondered before adding a dozen little silver sparkling birds, big old-fashioned colored lights and clusters of shiny peacock blue satin and glitter balls. It was beautiful, but still something was not quite right. Oh, by golly, it hit me that my Christmas tree was missing the magic of vintage silver tinsel, the kind that reminds me of my mama. 


Now, my tree is perfect. I do love silver tinsel, perhaps because it reminds me of all things that glisten. It's not just a holiday thing because I adore all things that shimmer, sparkle and glitter throughout the year. It's common knowledge in my small circle of friends and family that if it sits still long enough around me, it will get a dusting of glitter. 


All this brings me to the five things I think should twinkle this season. Of course, hair should reflect light shining from all angles, and why not with the help of in-salon crystal clear color glazes, shine-enhancing shampoos and one of my favorite styling elixirs: Alterna's Bamboo Brilliance Cream? Next, the face should beam with a radiant glow. I always put gloss on the lips, glitter shadow in the corners of the eyes for an evening out and a bit of sparkle on the cheeks with a shimmer blush. Oh, what fun it is to shine! 


Third, when I feel a bit down, nothing brightens my mood better than a festive scarf, and you should see my new silver-sequined house slippers. So, add some glitz to your wardrobe. The fourth way to twinkle is by giving. Give your postal carrier, dog groomer or that random stranger at the mall (haggard by one too many price checks) a pre-wrapped happy kept tucked in your bag. I'm always armed and ready to brighten someone's day. One Christmas, while I was traveling for Estee Lauder, I surprised unsuspecting fast food drive-thru staff members with sample sizes of perfumes. Santa can't do all the work. 


Finally, the best way to twinkle, very much like those vintage colored lights and silver tinsel on the tree, is by simply rejoicing. Rejoice in those you hold dear, rejoice by the fire with your beloved pet, or just rejoice in the magic of living. Now, go twinkle!


Former Columbus resident David Creel owns Beautiful With David salon in Jackson and has 20 years experience in the beauty industry. Contact him at [email protected]


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