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Being Beautiful: Channel your inner diva this holiday season


David Creel



Everyone loves to sparkle; well, almost everyone. Even my pumpkins got a dose of shimmer yesterday. If it stands still long enough at my house, it will end up with some shade of glitter on it.  


Heck, I even have a whole cabinet devoted just to housing my glitter collection, my favorite being the iridescent kind that makes my heart race. Everything from fall wreaths now to nutcrackers later -- shaken, doused and painted -- glitter reigns supreme in my holiday decorating scheme. 


It goes without saying that I love a bit of shimmer when it comes to hair and makeup, too. Below are a few of my favorite ways to add some bling to your holiday season.  


Bold eyes have never been more colorful, with liquid liner in every shade of the rainbow from electric blue, emerald green and purple to smoldering silvers. Top it off with a smudge of shimmery eye shadow on the upper and lower lash lines for eye-popping glitz. 


Metallic hair embellishments are show stoppers and right on trend, whether it's a vintage hair clip or an all-eyes-on-me headband. Go big when it comes to adorning that bob or bang with a bejeweled bauble or two. I remember my mama projecting from somewhere deep within a gleaming smile on one of her last doctor's visits, perhaps because I had placed a giant rose headband down into her blonde wig, slid the matching ring on her finger, and put on the earrings. "You think it's too much?" Mama would sometimes ask. I suppose you can guess my response. 


Mama also loved a sequin tote more than some of her family members -- distant relatives only. Another fantastic way to decorate an otherwise blah day is by tossing your things into an oversized bag that tells the world you have a sense of whimsy: the brighter, the better.  


Playful reading glasses can be a no-holds-barred way to channel a bit of your diva while putting on the glitz. Whether perusing the drugstore aisle for reading glasses or stopping by one of the upscale eyeglass purveyors, expressing yourself with frames has never been more fun. Recently I bumped into a friend downtown, and her cherry red frames were delightful.  


I won't go so far as to suggest you come rob my glitter cabinet and apply its marvels to your belts or your shoes, but there are more than a few ways to have a say-something season filled with dazzling days and even more elegant evenings -- and I'll save the glitter for my new batch of Christmas ornaments.


Former Columbus resident David Creel owns Beautiful With David salon in Jackson and has 20 years experience in the beauty industry. Contact him at [email protected]


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