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David Creel: If I could turn back time


David Creel



Beauty is ageless. Shakespeare celebrates that eternal truth in his sonnets, and it is one of my favorite mantras for those women who not only embrace their age, but celebrate it. 


There is a new breed of 40s, 50s and 60s emerging, with fierce style all their own, phenomenal women with a zest for life, charisma to spare and grandchildren who inherit their confidence. She dances to the beat of her own drum every chance she gets. 


The compliments she receives are not just for the homemade chocolate dessert that oozes simmering hot fudge when sliced into, but also about the natural silver color in her hair, the penetrating blue eyes and youthful mystique. Heck, it was just a couple of years ago when this grandmother was mistaken in Las Vegas for her son''s girlfriend instead of his mother. 


Yes, Peggy Gilmer-Piasecki rebels against the myth that women of a certain age must always wear the season''s trend of chestnut brown or mango red hair color and puts to bed those ideas of 60 being subdued. As vibrant as the English garden in her own backyard is the personality and attitude of my second mother. 


So, with her as my inspiration, let me showcase some tricks to turn back the hands of time with hairstyling and makeup.  




Beautiful hue 


First of all, find the best shade of beautiful for you with a hair colorist who knows that whether its au natural or heavily altered, the eye color, skin tone and lifestyle should always predict the hue. 


Next, as we age, it is no secret that gravity pulls everything downward, so a coif with intricately designed movement up and away from the face will give instant life to any face. Of course, makeup should always be lighter, with a bit of warmth in the foundation and powder to replace missing color as we age. Cream concealer, eye shadow and blush should become your best friends, because unlike powders, they give the skin a youthful, healthy glow. 


It''s never too early to think about your skincare regime, but for those of us who have blown out a few more candles and still crave a more luminous, radiant skin, there are foundations created to lift and hydrate. Remember also that our skin loses vital moisture more quickly as we sleep, so it is essential to moisturize, and then moisturize some more. 


Last but not least, smile often, dance even when nobody is watching, and don''t whisper your age. Shout it out loud with pride and reckless abandon, all the while being beautiful. I''m pretty sure my new neighbor and friend will agree! 



Former Columbus resident David Creel owns Beautiful With David salon in Jackson and has 20 years experience in the beauty industry. Contact him at [email protected]


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Reader Comments

Article Comment Chris commented at 2/14/2010 3:17:00 PM:

I agree! Women only improve with time!


Article Comment Chris commented at 2/14/2010 3:19:00 PM:

I agree! Women only improve with time!


Article Comment Peggy Gilmer-Piasecki commented at 2/14/2010 4:34:00 PM:

My, my, my, my, my. You just never know when you will read about yourself!


Article Comment Courtney commented at 2/16/2010 7:09:00 AM:

Another great column!


Article Comment Maria Sanchez commented at 2/18/2010 10:27:00 AM:

I very much love this column. You are speaking universal truths here. I myself am soon to be 40 in a few years and as a Latino women, I must be reminded that I am beautiful. Where I come from, we are not taught these things. You are so inspirational.


Article Comment Penny commented at 2/18/2010 10:47:00 AM:

David, you are more precious than gold!!!! Your response to my "old lady skin" questions the other day were great! I've even given my boss your "magic in a box" (brownie points can't hurt!) and she loves it! Having to embrace aging is proving to be more of a psychological issue for me that physical, but this column surely helps!!!!!! XOXOXOXXOXO


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