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Glued to gadgets getting worse


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Do you know how much time your child is spending on mobile devices? It's up to about two hours a day, according to a new report. 


Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organization that helps kids, parents and educators thrive in a world of technology, recently conducted a study to determine media use by children aged 0 to 8. 


To do so, they gave nearly 1,500 parents, with children aged 8 years old and younger, a survey that focused on their children's media use. The new questionnaire was a continuation of two that were completed in 2011 and 2013. 


After they analyzed the results, they found that children 8 and younger spend an average of two hours and 19 minutes a day fiddling with screen media -- an amount that has tripled in four years. 


But analysts said the overall amount of media kids consume has relatively remained the same over the last few years. It's the way they are using it that's "shifted considerably." 


Online video games and subscription services played a huge factor in the study. 


According to the research, children spend about 17 minutes a day watching online videos from platforms such as YouTube. About 17 percent of all TV/video viewing time for families with young children are now more likely to have a subscription video service such as Netflix or Hulu than cable.



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