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'The Glass Menagerie:' Tennessee Williams Tribute prepares a classic for area audiences

Posted 8/16/2014 in Entertainment

The 13th annual Tennessee Williams Tribute Sept. 8-14 in Columbus has "destinations" to offer.


A Stone's Throw: Look who's written a book

Posted 8/16/2014 in Columns

A fortunate modern development is the option of several different means to have one's book published, if, as I suspect, there is at least one book in each of us.


Southern Gardening: Home gardeners can grow microgreens

Posted 8/16/2014 in Columns

Some of the garden vegetables I miss in the summer are leafy greens.


Being Beautiful: Teen Choice Awards rolls out the blue carpet

Posted 8/16/2014 in Columns

It has been a very long time since I was a teenager, but I got totally into the 2014 Teen Choice Awards last weekend.


Farview -- a place to remember

Posted 8/16/2014 in Community

The homes of our childhoods are often dear in memory. Their walls and roofs, though inanimate, can inspire fierce devotion. Jane Fulton Hunt of Columbus feels that way about Farview, an ancestral home that has sheltered generations of her family dating back to 1835.

Barn quilt project connects art students with community

Posted 8/16/2014 in Community

A community project by students in a Mississippi State art class may have a lasting local impact as part of a national Barn Quilt Trail program.


Columbus native part of Southern Writer's book festival

Posted 8/16/2014 in Community

Columbus native Yvonne R. Edwards will appear at the Southern Writer's Book Festival Aug. 23 at Barnes & Noble at The Summit in Birmingham, Alabama.



Out and About for the week of August 17, 2014

Posted 8/16/2014 in Entertainment

The Golden Triangle is within easy traveling distance of some of the best entertainment in the South. Support arts and entertainment at home, and when you're on the road, these might pique your interest. Be aware that some venues add facility/convenience charges to ticket prices.



Community Calendar for the week of August 17, 2014

Posted 8/16/2014 in Entertainment


All Ears: Bacon, toasted almonds, smoked feta, marshmallow? Yes, we're talking corn on the cob

Posted 8/13/2014 in Food

My memories of my Granddaddy and Grandmama West's farm in Pontotoc are few and precious. I was very young when Granddaddy died and his beloved Minnie moved back to Memphis, leaving behind the rural peace they had enjoyed together.


Market Fresh: Cold soup for hot days

Posted 8/13/2014 in Food

A few nights ago at a reception I tasted a bright and fresh-tasting cucumber soup that Fred Kinder had brought. It was served from a pitcher and poured into clear plastic shot glasses.


A tuna sandwich by way of Mediterranean bruschetta

Posted 8/13/2014 in Food

Sometimes the last thing you want to do at the end of a long hot summer day is turn on the oven and make a meal. So here's a delicious solution that requires no more heat than is necessary to grill up some bread.

A shaved salsa that needs no tomatoes, no chopping

Posted 8/13/2014 in Food

We generally assume two things about salsa that we shouldn't.


Adele Elliott: Sugar and spice

Posted 8/11/2014 in Columns

We Southerners love things that are sweet. We can whip up a dessert out of almost anything in the world: fruits, vegetables, even stale bread -- all may end up in concoctions worthy of being served on Mount Olympus.


Have a CSI itch to scratch? Forensic sleuth John Ross may be your man

Posted 8/9/2014 in Community

Have a conversation with John Ross, and topics like lividity, paraffin tests, toxicology, insect larvae and such may come up. It's not that Ross, a retired U.S. Air Force colonel in Columbus, is preoccupied with criminal nature or the macabre. It's only that forensic science fascinates him.

TWT's Moon Lake Party to showcase Broadway veteran

Posted 8/9/2014 in Entertainment

The 13th annual Tennessee Williams Tribute and Tour of Victorian Homes Sept. 8-14 will bring a Broadway flair to Columbus as Joel Vig makes a return visit to the Golden Triangle.

Southern Gardening: Caladiums stand out in landscapes, containers

Posted 8/9/2014 in Columns

Colorful caladiums at a popular theme park fascinated me on a recent trip to Florida. They were everywhere I looked.


Being Beautiful: What do students learn while teachers teach?

Posted 8/9/2014 in Columns

I hold such a tender spot in my heart for teachers.


Campbell's latest work to show in Facing South

Posted 8/9/2014 in Entertainment

Mississippi State University Associate Professor of sculpture Critz Campbell of West Point presents a body of new work in Facing South, an exhibit opening Friday, Aug. 15 at the Cullis Wade Depot/MSU Welcome Center gallery on the university campus.

Plan personalized gifts months ahead of time

Posted 8/9/2014 in Entertainment

This time of year, it's our faces -- not winter snow drifts -- that are glistening in the sunlight, but it's never too early to start thinking about Christmas. By planning now, you can avoid sweating about gift ideas during the holidays.


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