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Personal touches make weddings memorable

Posted 6/15/2013 in Community

Personal touches in a wedding can take the ceremony from textbook to storybook, and they may even save the new couple some money.


A Stone's throw: A tribute to my grandfather

Posted 6/15/2013 in Columns

My paternal grandparents called each other "Mr. Boyls" and "Miss Ruth," at least in public. It used to drive my mother crazy. "I just know that they must call each other by more personal names sometimes!" she fretted.



Former narcotics bureau captain, author signs books in Columbus Thursday

Posted 6/12/2013 in Entertainment

Drug deals gone bad, harrowing gun fights and shadowy undercover work are part and parcel of Tupelo native Merle Temple's complex past. The experiences inspired and informed his debut novel, "Ghostly Shade of Pale."


Celebrating dads: Looking for man-food ideas for Father's Day? Keep reading

Posted 6/12/2013 in Food

In case you hadn't noticed, Father's Day is just around the corner. On Sunday, June 16 families everywhere will celebrate dads, and many of them will do it with some form of feasting on manly foods. Dude food, if you will.


Yup! We added maple and bacon to cookies for Dad

Posted 6/12/2013 in Food



A little planning can chase away summer boredom

Posted 6/8/2013 in Entertainment



Out and About for the week of June 9, 2013

Posted 6/8/2013 in Entertainment

The Golden Triangle is within easy traveling distance of some of the best entertainment in the South. Support arts and entertainment at home, and when you're on the road, these might pique your interest.



Community calendar for the week of June 9, 2013

Posted 6/8/2013 in Entertainment



Being beautiful: DIY bangs

Posted 6/8/2013 in Columns



Adele Elliott: Singing solo

Posted 6/8/2013 in Columns



School news: ICC scholarships

Posted 6/8/2013 in Community



MSU camp provides cooking fun for kids

Posted 6/8/2013 in Community



School news: Dale accepted

Posted 6/8/2013 in Community


TV's acerbic chef brings 'Hotel Hell' to Starkville

Posted 6/5/2013 in Food

Fox Broadcasting's prolific Chef Gordon Ramsay is raising his profile in the Golden Triangle for the second time in the past several weeks.


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