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Adele Elliott: Seeing stars

Posted 9/22/2013 in Columns

The nights are becoming a bit cooler now. Draped over our Golden Triangle is a velvet cloak, scattered with crystal stars. The moon has looked especially lovely lately. We are all anxious for autumn, perhaps the most pleasant of seasons.


Boomtown for butterflies: Have you noticed? There's a lot of feasting and fluttering going on in downtown Columbus

Posted 9/22/2013 in Community

If ever there was a case of "build it and they will come," the Lowndes County Master Gardeners found it. What they built is a 4,000-square-foot butterfly garden at the Columbus Riverwalk. And, indeed, the winged insects have come, clad in brilliant coats of autumn amber, ultramarine and buttercup yellow. The pipevine swallowtails, eastern tigers and little skippers, the Gulf fritillaries and monarchs. Cloudless sulphurs, buckeyes, too.

Southern Gardening: Pumpkins, gourds make attractive fall displays

Posted 9/22/2013 in Columns

Sept. 22 may be the first day of fall, but the best way to know summer is ending is to look at all the colorful pumpkin and gourd displays at local garden centers around the state.


Being beautiful: Getting on the road again

Posted 9/22/2013 in Columns

It's tailgate season in the South and although we never did much of that growing up, there were occasions when Mama packed up her beauty essentials to hit the road with four boys and her cowboy husband in tow.



Welty Symposium writers announced

Posted 9/22/2013 in Community



Fitness fundraiser Monday benefits Father's Child Ministry

Posted 9/22/2013 in Community



Out and About for the week of September 22, 2013

Posted 9/21/2013 in Entertainment

The Golden Triangle is within easy traveling distance of some of the best entertainment in the South. Support arts and entertainment at home, and when you're on the road, these might pique your interest. Be aware that some venues add facility/convenience charges to ticket prices.



Community Calendar for the week of September 22, 2013

Posted 9/21/2013 in Entertainment


P is for pretzel buns: Get on the pretzel bun bandwagon by making your own

Posted 9/18/2013 in Food

Unless you've been under a rock, it would be hard to have missed the recent pretzel bun craze on the culinary landscape. The "hottest new food trend" has made headlines in publications from USA Today to

Extraordinary tales: Internationally known 'tellers' weave words, connect cultures in storytelling festival

Posted 9/14/2013 in Entertainment

Storytelling is a timeless art, a tradition at the heart of the human experience. It preserves history and entertains. It captures moments in time and links us together, culture to culture. With a trio of internationally known storytellers whose heritage is rooted in Japan, Cuba and West Africa, the second annual Possum Town Storytelling Festival in Columbus will open windows on the wider world.

Southern Gardening: Plant mari-mums in fall gardens for color

Posted 9/14/2013 in Columns

You may be familiar with the saying, "What was old is new again," as related to clothing and decorating styles, but it's also true of the landscape.


Being beautiful: Lessons learned from science and 'Sugar'

Posted 9/14/2013 in Columns



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