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Community Calendar for the week of August 3, 2014

Posted 8/3/2014 in Entertainment



Being Beautiful: If it's good enough for Cameron Diaz ...

Posted 8/3/2014 in Columns

Perhaps it was to quiet a rambunctious little boy, but one of my dearest memories is when Mama would open up a stick of Juicy Fruit gum and hand it to me -- along with her purse.



A Stone's throw: About grandfathers, part II

Posted 8/3/2014 in Columns



Southern Gardening: Daylilies are excellent landscape performers

Posted 8/3/2014 in Columns

If you are looking for an easy landscape plant that is guaranteed to please, the daylily is the plant for you.



SAAC is recipient of MAC grant for arts funding

Posted 8/3/2014 in Community

The Starkville Area Arts Council (SAAC) has been awarded an $18,000 grant from the Mississippi Arts Commission (MAC).


Dear old Golden Rule days: Resolve to make this school year a healthier one

Posted 7/30/2014 in Food

For baby boomers, the month of August represented a whole third of summer vacation. Today, the advent of August means school bells. Golden Triangle students return to classrooms next Wednesday and Thursday in their respective counties. Transitions are ahead, including the one from mom's kitchen to the school cafeteria.

Summer musical promises 'magical' entertainment

Posted 7/30/2014 in Entertainment

Rogers and Hammerstein's musical tale of Cinderella comes to life in West Point Friday and Saturday, Aug. 1-2. The West Point/Clay County Arts Council's summer musical begins at 7 p.m. in the Center Stage Auditorium located at Central School, 634 E. Westbrook St.

Steak and cheese grinder recast as a pasta dinner

Posted 7/30/2014 in Food

Parents love back-to-school season because it gets the whole family back on a schedule. Parents hate back-to-school season because that schedule usually leaves too little time to get dinner on the table.

What's the last photo on your phone?

Posted 7/26/2014 in Community

In the 21st Century every moment can be captured. That can be good or bad, depending on how you look at it. The advent of the camera phone has created endless possibilities, with minimal bulk, to document our lives. What's the last photo on your phone?

A Southern favorite: Rick Bragg to speak in Fayette

Posted 7/26/2014 in Entertainment

The Fayette (Alabama) Arts Council, along with community sponsors, welcome celebrated author Rick Bragg to the Fayette Civic Center, 534 Temple Ave. N., for a book signing and speaking event Aug. 16.


Being Beautiful: Experiencing trendy fashions, DC-Style

Posted 7/26/2014 in Columns


Southern Gardening: Elephant ears can add to garden color, texture

Posted 7/26/2014 in Columns

Plants with tropical textures seem to attract the most interest in any landscape. Elephant ears just scream for attention wherever they grow. Most gardeners I know love elephant ears because they are easy-to-grow tropical plants that make a big impact.


Community Calendar for the week of July 27, 2014

Posted 7/26/2014 in Entertainment



Out and About for the week of July 27, 2014

Posted 7/26/2014 in Entertainment

The Golden Triangle is within easy traveling distance of some of the best entertainment in the South. Support arts and entertainment at home, and when you're on the road, these might pique your interest. Be aware that some venues add facility/convenience charges to ticket prices.



Wildlife management tour set for Aug. 7 near MSU

Posted 7/26/2014 in Entertainment



Teen craft nights boost creativity, family ties

Posted 7/26/2014 in Entertainment

A few months ago, I launched a diabolical plan to entice my teenage daughters to spend more time with me, and to semi-shelter them from the maddening world.



Adele Elliott: Suffer the children

Posted 7/26/2014 in Columns

In the Golden Triangle we wear our Christianity like a cloak -- a very shiny cloak -- a cloak wired with blinky lights and flashes of lightning. Yes, we are enormously proud of our tenets. What would Jesus do? Well, no one really knows what he would do today.



Digital dangers lurk as school begins again

Posted 7/26/2014 in Community

As students head back to the classroom, parents should remain aware of their children's online behavior -- whether for school assignments or socializing.



Abandoned horses keep flooding overtaxed rescues

Posted 7/26/2014 in Community


You scream, I scream: Bully's cold treat keeps gaining in popularity

Posted 7/23/2014 in Food

You may have seen the same clip on national news that I did: July is National Ice Cream Month, and has been since 1984. As if we needed a special month, right? Ice cream works any time of the year, but summer is its season to shine.


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