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Shannon Bardwell: Technology run amuck

Posted 1/9/2010 in Columns

Sharon knew her husband was cheating. She lined up four friends with cell phones along a likely route. As the husband left the marital abode the first friend followed and alerted the other friends along the way. The husband led the posse right to the front door of his love nest. Photographs were taken, proof garnered — divorce, a done deal.



Roger Truesdale: ‘Mr. Rabbit, you gonna make it?’

Posted 1/9/2010 in Columns

On New Year’s Eve I spent a quiet evening at home with a cheap bottle of champagne and off-the-shelf caviar — a tradition I started many years ago, even when I had a life.


MUW, CAC join in ceramics, pottery exhibits

Posted 1/9/2010 in Entertainment

Form and function may never have blended so well. Those who appreciate ceramics and pottery will revel in two exhibits taking place simultaneously in Columbus — at Mississippi University for Women’s Eugenia Summer Art Gallery on the MUW campus and at the Columbus Arts Council’s Rosenzweig Arts Center downtown.


101 years young, ‘Sweet Essie’ still enjoys every minute

Posted 1/9/2010 in Entertainment

Essie Mathews was born in Columbus 101 years ago, and never left. On Jan. 7, the joyful resident the staff at Vineyard Court Nursing Center calls “Sweet Essie” celebrated her birthday by indulging in one of her favorite desserts — pound cake and ice cream.



Starkville youth earns Eagle rank

Posted 1/9/2010 in Entertainment

Cody Berryhill, a member of Starkville’s Troop 27 and a senior at Starkville High School, received his advancement to Eagle Scout in a Court of Honor ceremony held in November at Starkville’s First United Methodist Church.


Special events mark four-day MLK weekend celebration

Posted 1/9/2010 in Entertainment

As the national observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day nears, area volunteers are fine-tuning plans for Dream 365, a four-day celebration in Columbus honoring the life and legacy of the civil rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Jan. 15-18.

Still in the building: As Elvis’ 75th birthday nears, Jennifer Brady of Columbus remembers Graceland

Posted 1/2/2010 in Entertainment

While birthday celebrations are about to commence in Memphis, here in Columbus, former Graceland tour guide Jennifer Brady refuses to take down her Christmas decorations ... because Elvis wouldn’t approve.


Mad, sad, happy ...

Posted 1/2/2010 in Columns

He was reading a small book. I slipped through the gun checkers at the courthouse. No alarms went off.



Psycho predictions

Posted 1/2/2010 in Columns

Welcome to the beginning of a new year, and the beginning of a new decade!



Get ‘All Shook Up’ at the RAC Friday

Posted 1/2/2010 in Entertainment

In honor of Elvis Presley’s 75th birthday Friday, the Columbus Arts Council will host an Elvis open mic in the intimate Omnova Theater.



Winding down the holidays

Posted 1/2/2010 in Columns

Just three more days of the Christmas season, which officially ends Jan. 6, on Epiphany.


E ’magnifico: Innovation leads to MUW degree in Italy

Posted 1/2/2010 in Entertainment

A new Master of Fine Arts program offered at Accademia dell’Arte in Arezzo, Italy, in partnership with Mississippi University for Women, brings to fruition a goal William “Peppy” Biddy and many others have worked toward for several years.


Community art project is just a Chip Off the Old Block

Posted 1/2/2010 in Entertainment

The Columbus Arts Council’s second annual Chip Off the Old Block community art project gives everyone the chance to set imaginations free by turning ordinary 5 1/2-by-6-inch blocks of wood into original works of art.


Homecoming for the boys in the band

Posted 1/2/2010 in Entertainment

In the midst of heavy touring, the Golden Triangle-based band Come On Go With Us gets to play to a home crowd Wednesday, Jan. 6, with a stop at Rick’s Cafe in Starkville.

Fine fiddling: Home for the holidays, Ruby Jane Smith talks about an amazing couple of years

Posted 12/26/2009 in Entertainment

When you’re 15 years old and your MySpace friends include Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris and Dolly Parton, it’s a good sign you’re leading a rather extraordinary life. For Ruby Jane Smith, however, it all feels quite normal.

An old movie sees new light

Posted 12/26/2009 in Entertainment

When Terry Swindol of Tupelo set out to make a documentary about the 1957 MGM film “Raintree County,” he called on Dr. Van Roberts of Mississippi University for Women to add his expertise.

Tasty turkey: Chef Vicki Leach shares turkey tips for your Christmas feast

Posted 12/23/2009 in Food

Traditional turkey with all the trimmings is a popular choice for the holiday table, with the added bonus of leftover turkey for sandwiches, soups and casseroles.

Gingerbread man: This skateboarding, guitar-picking deacon takes the gingerbread house to a new level

Posted 12/19/2009 in Entertainment

Shane Tubbs would be the first to tell you he’s still got a big dose of kid in him. And Shane Tubbs loves Christmas. It’s one of the reasons the irrepressible skateboarding, singing deacon — and can we add actor? — easily sheds any ribbing he gets from the guys for turning into the gingerbread man every December. How did it all get started?

Chrismon tradition: Decorated in white and gold symbols, this tree has a deeper meaning

Posted 12/19/2009 in Entertainment

While trees festooned in red and green and hung with shiny Santas and are what most people associate with Christmas, the serenely beautiful Chrismon tree glows with a special and sacred significance in many churches, and even some homes.


Adele Elliott: Traditions

Posted 12/19/2009 in Columns

Tis the season ... we are expected to be joyous, peaceful and generous. Add whatever you wish to this list. It could be endless.



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