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OCC figures in: Area center has highest growth

Posted 1/16/2010 in Entertainment

Operation Christmas Child figures are in, and they show the Columbus Collection Center experienced the highest growth in boxes collected in the state of Mississippi, according to area coordinator Nelda Brown.



Adele Elliott: Smile therapy

Posted 1/16/2010 in Columns

This new year is getting off to a very bleak start. We are still grieving over the apartment fire in Starkville and sending prayers to Haiti.



Betty Stone: Your own opus magnus

Posted 1/16/2010 in Columns

I am on a crusade. I think it is not one that would come to your mind immediately, but something that would provide every family with a precious document.



Shannon Bardwell: Bell wins the prize

Posted 1/16/2010 in Columns

“Some people think the Internet is the best invention in the world,” Laura stated, “but it’s not. It’s the telephone.”


Mm. Mm soup: National Soup Month celebrates America’s comfort food

Posted 1/13/2010 in Food

From rich cream soups like bisques and chowders, to lower-calorie broth-based consommés, wonderful soups are a great way to warm up through the long, cold days of winter. So it’s no wonder the soup industry taps January as National Soup Month.


Rob Hardy: Googled

Posted 1/12/2010 in Columns

It might be that right now, a couple of guys in a garage are coming up with the next big thing, an item of software or hardware that is going to change our way of doing things or looking at the world. This is just what Bill Gates, head of Microsoft, used to say he worried about. And then it happened. Maybe leaders at Google now worry about the same sort of thing. After all, Sergey Brin and Larry Page were just a couple of young nerds tinkering with a new idea for a search engine in 1998, and now everyone knows what Google is and many people use it in some fashion everyday.



Rob Hardy: The good life in Newport

Posted 1/12/2010 in Columns

There is no city in America that has so extraordinary a history as Newport, R.I. This is chiefly due to its being a destination for visits, first by well-heeled New Yorkers and Southerners in the 1850s, and then most famously by the rich society swells who installed showplace mansions especially along the magnificent rugged coastline, and then by tourists who come to see the mansions. The mansions (erected by rich people who enjoyed the ironic humor of calling them “cottages”) and the society within them are not the whole Newport story, but any social history of the city is going to concentrate on them.



Unity breakfast, procession help mark King celebrations in Golden Triangle

Posted 1/9/2010 in Entertainment

While Martin Luther King Jr. will be honored with a four-day Dream 365 celebration in Columbus, events are also planned in Starkville and West Point.


MUW, CAC join in ceramics, pottery exhibits

Posted 1/9/2010 in Entertainment

Form and function may never have blended so well. Those who appreciate ceramics and pottery will revel in two exhibits taking place simultaneously in Columbus — at Mississippi University for Women’s Eugenia Summer Art Gallery on the MUW campus and at the Columbus Arts Council’s Rosenzweig Arts Center downtown.


101 years young, ‘Sweet Essie’ still enjoys every minute

Posted 1/9/2010 in Entertainment

Essie Mathews was born in Columbus 101 years ago, and never left. On Jan. 7, the joyful resident the staff at Vineyard Court Nursing Center calls “Sweet Essie” celebrated her birthday by indulging in one of her favorite desserts — pound cake and ice cream.



Starkville youth earns Eagle rank

Posted 1/9/2010 in Entertainment

Cody Berryhill, a member of Starkville’s Troop 27 and a senior at Starkville High School, received his advancement to Eagle Scout in a Court of Honor ceremony held in November at Starkville’s First United Methodist Church.


Special events mark four-day MLK weekend celebration

Posted 1/9/2010 in Entertainment

As the national observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day nears, area volunteers are fine-tuning plans for Dream 365, a four-day celebration in Columbus honoring the life and legacy of the civil rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Jan. 15-18.


Adele Elliott: The silence of sorrow

Posted 1/9/2010 in Columns

Why does death always come as a surprise? We expect it throughout our entire life. It is the logical bookend to birth, the soul’s escape.



Shannon Bardwell: Technology run amuck

Posted 1/9/2010 in Columns

Sharon knew her husband was cheating. She lined up four friends with cell phones along a likely route. As the husband left the marital abode the first friend followed and alerted the other friends along the way. The husband led the posse right to the front door of his love nest. Photographs were taken, proof garnered — divorce, a done deal.



Roger Truesdale: ‘Mr. Rabbit, you gonna make it?’

Posted 1/9/2010 in Columns

On New Year’s Eve I spent a quiet evening at home with a cheap bottle of champagne and off-the-shelf caviar — a tradition I started many years ago, even when I had a life.


Still in the building: As Elvis’ 75th birthday nears, Jennifer Brady of Columbus remembers Graceland

Posted 1/2/2010 in Entertainment

While birthday celebrations are about to commence in Memphis, here in Columbus, former Graceland tour guide Jennifer Brady refuses to take down her Christmas decorations ... because Elvis wouldn’t approve.


Get ‘All Shook Up’ at the RAC Friday

Posted 1/2/2010 in Entertainment

In honor of Elvis Presley’s 75th birthday Friday, the Columbus Arts Council will host an Elvis open mic in the intimate Omnova Theater.


E ’magnifico: Innovation leads to MUW degree in Italy

Posted 1/2/2010 in Entertainment

A new Master of Fine Arts program offered at Accademia dell’Arte in Arezzo, Italy, in partnership with Mississippi University for Women, brings to fruition a goal William “Peppy” Biddy and many others have worked toward for several years.


Community art project is just a Chip Off the Old Block

Posted 1/2/2010 in Entertainment

The Columbus Arts Council’s second annual Chip Off the Old Block community art project gives everyone the chance to set imaginations free by turning ordinary 5 1/2-by-6-inch blocks of wood into original works of art.


Homecoming for the boys in the band

Posted 1/2/2010 in Entertainment

In the midst of heavy touring, the Golden Triangle-based band Come On Go With Us gets to play to a home crowd Wednesday, Jan. 6, with a stop at Rick’s Cafe in Starkville.


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