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{Nourish} Slave to the scale

Posted 11/10/2012 in Columns

This week marks a very special anniversary. One year ago, upon losing 60 pounds the healthy way, through clean eating and plenty of exercise, I conceived the idea to use my continued weight loss journey to help and inspire others struggling with the same thing, and thus {Nourish} was born.


Area photographers come together to 'pay it forward'

Posted 11/10/2012 in Community

A family photo is a cherished heirloom, a gift that can be passed from generation to generation. But not all families enjoy the luxury of booking a session for professional photos. Six area photographers have set out to do something about that this Christmas season. They are banding together to "pay it forward."

Thanksgiving sans turkey isn't necessarily lacking

Posted 11/7/2012 in Food

Vegetarians have long known a Thanksgiving secret the rest of us are reluctant to admit -- it's all about the side dishes.

A dessert for blueberry abundance, minus the guilt

Posted 11/7/2012 in Food

The "cake" in this case is minimal -- just three layers of baked phyllo dough cut into squares.

Seasoning a winter soup with nutritional yeast

Posted 11/7/2012 in Food

It's awfully hard to get excited about a food called "nutritional yeast flakes."

In search of home: Sally Kate Winters Family Services reaches out to runaway and homeless youth

Posted 11/3/2012 in Community

Her peers fire texts back and forth, consumed with making plans for the weekend. But "Brenda" has something more significant to think about. She wonders where she will lay her head next week.



Posted 11/3/2012 in Columns

Politicians certainly must be on a higher plane than most of us will ever be. How else can you explain their direct line to God, and God's views on so many subjects?


{Nourish} Variety, the spice of life

Posted 11/3/2012 in Columns

If variety is the spice of life then you could say my life is pretty spicy.


Community Calendar for the week of November 4, 2012

Posted 11/3/2012 in Entertainment



Out and about for the week of November 4, 2012

Posted 11/3/2012 in Entertainment

The Golden Triangle is within easy traveling distance of some of the best entertainment in the South. Support arts and entertainment at home, and when you're on the road, these might pique your interest.


Visit Columbus' spirited past as Ghosts & Legends returns

Posted 11/3/2012 in Entertainment

Some of Columbus' most spirited characters and tales from the past will rise again Nov. 9-10 during the 2012 Ghosts & Legends Tour.

Music Trail celebration set for Saturday

Posted 11/3/2012 in Entertainment

The Pilot Club of Starkville hosts an opening celebration Saturday, Nov. 10, of the second phase of the Pilot Club Music Trail in Starkville's McKee Park.


A Stone's throw: Platitudes

Posted 11/3/2012 in Columns

Well, we vote Tuesday. I cannot recall when I have felt more scared of an election. I hope this country votes wisely, because we are at such a low economic state. This country, like others, needs some relief from its problems and burdens.



Market Street Festival and Sounds of Summer take Top 20 honors

Posted 11/3/2012 in Community

The Southeast Tourism Society has once again named Columbus' Market Street Festival and Sounds of Summer as Top 20 Events in the Southeast, Main Street Columbus announced Thursday.


Southern gardening: Enjoy golden thryallis in summer and fall gardens

Posted 11/3/2012 in Columns

A couple of years ago, I wrote about a new plant I found for the fall landscape called golden thryallis. We planted some in our landscape at Coastal Research and Extension Center in Biloxi, and I have it growing in a large container at my house.


Songwriters invited to enter competition

Posted 11/3/2012 in Community

All professional and amateur songwriters are invited to enter the Cotton District Arts Festival Songwriter's Competition sponsored by McReynolds' Orthodontics.


Use instant coffee to add java jolt to steak tips

Posted 10/31/2012 in Food

Most of us have to be suffering from a pretty mind-blowing caffeine withdrawal migraine before we'll reach for instant coffee. That doesn't mean you shouldn't buy some, because while instant coffee makes a generally lousy cup of java, it can do astounding things for your cooking.


Try it out: linguine with fennel tuna sauce

Posted 10/31/2012 in Food

The humble can of tuna continues to inspire recipes; this one, from Levana Kirschenbaum's comprehensive new book, "The Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen," is a keeper because it uses both the fennel bulb and its fronds.


Decorative Arts Forum and Antiques Show celebrates Columbus' ties to Ol' Man River, plus a grand reopening

Posted 10/27/2012 in Community

There was a time, in Columbus' more distant past, when the cannon boom or shrill whistle of an approaching riverboat ignited an excited flurry of activity.


Ghost stories for the new millennium

Posted 10/27/2012 in Columns

I looove Halloween. The cooler temps, mysterious shadows and, best of all, the chance to wear a costume. Anyone who has seen me this week knows that I started costuming on Friday.



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