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Being beautiful: Make your friends pea green with envy

Posted 8/3/2013 in Columns

Dolly Parton said it best: "It's hard being a diamond in a rhinestone world." I can't help feeling that way about so many new hair care products promising the sun, moon and stars. Heck, what's a Southern belle to do with such great expectations from a pretty bottle of pricey lather -- just rinse and repeat, hoping for a miracle?



A Stone's throw: 'Taint what it used to be

Posted 8/3/2013 in Columns

Right after World War II air travel took off. The war was won on the wings of aviation, and it quickly became a peacetime staple. Back in those days air travel was prestigious.



Out and About for the week of August 4, 2013

Posted 8/3/2013 in Entertainment



Community Calendar for the week of August 4, 2013

Posted 8/3/2013 in Entertainment



Get organized to reduce back-to-school stress

Posted 8/3/2013 in Community



Adele Elliott: Foot races

Posted 8/3/2013 in Columns

The worst of summer is upon us. Temperatures flirt with triple digits. Mosquitoes hover in small clouds, just waiting for an opportunity make us their tasty snack. Even the squirrels seem too lethargic for their usual game of rushing in circles around the tree trunks in my yard.


A grilled cheese sandwich to knock your socks off

Posted 7/31/2013 in Food

When I was a child, I thought like a child, I ate like a child: PB&Js, BLTs and grilled cheese sandwiches made from slices of Velveeta melted to gooey perfection between two slices of skillet-toasted white bread.

A back-to-school party can get kids excited for reading, writing and 'rithmetic

Posted 7/31/2013 in Food

Elmer's glue, check. Backpack, check. Hand sanitizer, check. Yes, it's that time of year, when the rustle and hustle of parents armed with school supply lists and uniform specifications crowd the stores, and kids can't wait to see friends they waved goodbye to in May.

Driving small: 'Little-Car' trend has finally established a foothold in U.S.

Posted 7/30/2013 in Community

In a land where bigger usually means better, especially where cars and pick-up trucks are concerned, some local residents are embracing "cute little cars."

Southern Gardening: Gaillardia is a strong summer flower maker

Posted 7/27/2013 in Columns

It is during the midsummer months in Mississippi that I most appreciate gaillardia in gardens and landscapes.


Being beautiful: Summer beauty tips for sand or soiree

Posted 7/27/2013 in Columns



MSU adopts new commercial tailgating policies

Posted 7/27/2013 in Community


Oktibbeha museum gears up for a night of yee-haw and bling

Posted 7/27/2013 in Community

Pull out the boots and shine up the jewelry because the Friends of the Oktibbeha County Heritage Museum are planning a night of sparkling, western-themed fun. Denin and Diamonds, a fundraiser to benefit the museum, is set for Friday, Aug. 9, at the Shrine Club in Starkville.


Out and About for the week of July 28, 2013

Posted 7/27/2013 in Entertainment

The Golden Triangle is within easy traveling distance of some of the best entertainment in the South. Support arts and entertainment at home, and when you're on the road, these might pique your interest.



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