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MUW honors students learn from month in Belgium

Posted 8/25/2012 in Community

Students in the Ina Gordy Honors College at Mississippi University for Women recently returned from a month-long study abroad trip to Brussels, Belgium.

Anticipation builds for 34th annual Prairie Arts Festival

Posted 8/25/2012 in Entertainment

The annual Prairie Arts Festival held in downtown West Point is more than a Labor Day weekend tradition -- it's a showcase of creativity and a hometown reunion, rolled into one.

Melon mania: Jazz up Labor Day with watermelon, outside the box

Posted 8/22/2012 in Food

What summer superstar is green and oval, weighs an average of 15 to 30 pounds and is harvested in quantity on more than 2,400 acres in Mississippi? Watermelon, of course.

Blending best of s'mores and puffed rice treats

Posted 8/22/2012 in Food

School often starts when kids still have summer on the brain. So these easy-to-make bars have summer in mind, too.

With metals as a medium, an inspired couple creates beauty and function

Posted 8/18/2012 in Community

One day we just said, 'Let's heat up some metal and have a good time with it,'" smiled Don Coulson, in the Aberdeen studio where he and his wife, Louise, spend much of their time these days.

Lowndes group to help Smithville elementary libraries rebuild

Posted 8/18/2012 in Community

As the wounds left by tornadoes that tore through Smithville in April 2011 continue to heal, teachers and children at Smithville Elementary School will get a helping hand from the Lowndes County Republican Women.


The poker house

Posted 8/18/2012 in Columns

Rachel George is busy moving into her new-old house in Columbus. That is not especially newsworthy; people move every day. But there is a neat little twist to this particular story. She is moving into a house one of her ancestors once owned after winning it in a poker game.


Skinny sweet tooth satisfied

Posted 8/18/2012 in Columns

I consider myself pretty lucky in the fact that I don't have an all-consuming sweet tooth. Don't get me wrong, I certainly have my vices when it comes to cravings -- sugar just isn't at the top of my list. Every now and then in the summer I'll have a craving for ice cream and, of course, I'll eat whatever dessert is served at parties or get-togethers. Not because I particularly want it but mainly because I'll eat pretty much anything you put in front of my face.


Scientific investigation

Posted 8/18/2012 in Columns

Since the beginning of time, man has pondered some profound, possibly unanswerable, questions. Even today, in the 21st century, there are inquiries so baffling that they remain a mystery. One example is: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Or, have you ever wondered why humans continue to stare into the refrigerator, even though the contents do not magically evolve into something different? And, of course, there is the age-old query, do blondes really have more fun?


30 minute meals: Pressed for time? These quick fixes can help save the day and the dinner

Posted 8/15/2012 in Food

OK, so school's back in swing. And football, soccer, volleyball, cheer and dance team practices have parents running to and fro. So who has time to get dinner on the table? Well, you do, with some help from these 30-minutes-or-less recipes.

A healthier take on classic apple pie

Posted 8/15/2012 in Food

As all-American desserts go, it's hard to beat apple pie. We decided to create an apple dessert that lets us have our pie and our healthy habits, too.


Georgetown butcher tartare: a rare treat

Posted 8/15/2012 in Food

Buy the best, most impeccably fresh beef you can find for this classic raw appetizer.


Tuscaloosa Amphitheater offers quick getaway for area music fans

Posted 8/11/2012 in Entertainment

Although she is only 28, Columbus resident Dana LeBlanc is a lifelong Crosby, Stills and Nash fan. When the opportunity arose for LeBlanc to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members, she didn't hesitate to drive in the rain less than an hour to hear them at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater July 11.

Lights, camera, action in Canton again -- this time for Faulkner

Posted 8/11/2012 in Entertainment

After almost six years in the planning stages, James Franco's "As I Lay Dying," based on William Faulkner's 1930 novel of the same name, will begin filming in Canton in September.

MUW to highlight permanent art collection, host gallery talk

Posted 8/11/2012 in Community

While most area art aficionados are aware Mississippi University for Women hosts exhibitions in the Eugenia Summer Art Gallery in the Art and Design Building on campus, some may not know the university holds an extensive and diverse permanent art collection.

A Columbus congregation gets hands-on for Mission Fest Week

Posted 8/11/2012 in Community

Dehydrated rice was flowing Aug. 5 at First United Methodist Church in Columbus, as about 250 volunteers donned hairnets and plastic gloves. The goal? To package 30,000 nutrient-fortified meals for Stop Hunger Now, an international relief agency that distributes food and other lifesaving aid to children and families around the world.


If age is a number, I pick 21

Posted 8/11/2012 in Columns

If age is just a number, why the heck are we so obsessed with reversing it? I have never heard a woman in her 30s wish to be older, wiser maybe, but not older. Yet, beautiful women who are both wiser and older often sigh into the mirror, tugging on fine lines and wrinkles while I tug on their hair with a round brush.



Habit: the key to lasting change

Posted 8/11/2012 in Columns

Change is difficult, although not impossible. Breaking a bad habit and replacing it with a new healthy habit takes a pretty serious commitment and lots of dedication. Whether it's a desire to quit smoking, eat healthy, or exercise daily, implementing a new routine can be daunting, all-consuming, and exhausting.



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