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A family patriarch marks 50th year in the historic home he and his wife loved the moment they saw it

Posted 6/30/2012 in Community

Fifty years after Robert and Donna Snow struggled through undergrowth to catch their first glimpse of the weathered beauty that would become their life's passion, Robert Snow can still recite even the smallest details. It is no wonder, perhaps, since that October morning in 1961 changed the course of his life, and was the salvation of Waverley Mansion.


Women sweat, ladies glisten

Posted 6/30/2012 in Columns

When the mercury rises, we know it's summertime down here in the South. As we have all been told since we were young'uns, "It's hotter than blazes." Well, you don't have to succumb to the 100 degree temps without some hot options for beating the heat, at least when it comes to your hair. Nothing is more glamorous than an "updo" this summer. My favorites are right off the pages of In Style, Vogue and Harper's Bazaar.



Techie fitness and nutrition: Motoactv and Lose It!

Posted 6/30/2012 in Columns

Like most folks these days, I depend on technology to keep my life running smoothly, keep up with friends and family, and entertain myself for hours on end. But did you know that techie gadgets can actually help you get fit or even lose weight?



The people's court

Posted 6/30/2012 in Columns

I read with interest this week that former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has been under investigation by federal authorities, and is having his day in court. You might remember him as mayor during the Hurricane Katrina crisis. That was a tragedy of Biblical proportions. Yet, Nagin may have added to the damage by making public statements during the disaster that were offensive and racist.



Get merry: Still time to enter CAC's holiday card decorating contest

Posted 6/23/2012 in Community

Admittedly, most minds may be more preoccupied with sunny beaches than Santa Claus this time of year, but those holidays will roll around sooner than we think. The Columbus Arts Council's Holiday Card Decorating Contest will accept entries through Friday, June 29, in three age categories: age 10 and below; 11-17; and 18 and up.


Pillowcase frocks are 'changing lives, one little dress at a time'

Posted 6/23/2012 in Community

June sunlight spilling through the windows of St. Paul's Episcopal Church Parish Hall found many hands and light hearts at work on a recent Saturday morning. Amid the muted hum of portable sewing machines and murmur of casual chat and easy laughter, volunteers cut armholes, ironed bias tape, pinned trim and stitched straps.



Posted 6/23/2012 in Columns

I have a lot of friends who are writers. We have long conversations about theme and point of view and word count. We talk about fiction, for the most part. Although some write news and current events, creative writing is closer to our hearts.


'Green' smoothies, perfected

Posted 6/23/2012 in Columns

I started experimenting with the ever-so-popular "green monster smoothies" earlier this summer in hopes of catapulting past a post out-of-town decorating

One week left to view Japanese suiboku-ga paintings

Posted 6/23/2012 in Entertainment

Original examples of suiboku-ga, the ancient art of Japanese brush painting, are rare sights in the United States -- and rarer still in the Golden Triangle. But through June 29, the work of artist Tsugako Shimada is on display at the Greater Starkville Development Partnership and at The Depot, next to Barnes & Noble on the Mississippi State campus.


Making marriages memorable

Posted 6/23/2012 in Columns

June is the traditional month for weddings. I am often interested in the many ways brides and their mammas find to make the ceremony unique. It is, hopefully, a unique occasion in the young couple's lives. Of course, they want it to be different, at least in some little way, from all the others.



A few tips for 'walking on sunshine'

Posted 6/23/2012 in Columns

I confess there was a time between adolescence and my 30th birthday when I was addicted to the sun. Tanning beds were my best friends, along with silver reflective sun blankets and baby oil. The sun was my drug, and I was an addict.


Culinary kids: Something's cookin' at MUW's Culinary Camp for Kids

Posted 6/20/2012 in Food

It may be summer, but "school" is very much in session at Mississippi University for Women's Culinary Arts Institute. Throughout the month of June, emerging cooks are earning their aprons during week-long sessions at MUW's Culinary Camp for Kids.

The Fatherhood Initiative: Empowering '24/7 dads' while strengthening families

Posted 6/16/2012 in Columns

For every new father who has cradled a newborn in his arms and fervently wished someone out there taught a course on becoming a good dad -- well, someone does. For each man aspiring to be a better role model for his children, a helping hand is extended. For any father willing to step up to heal fractured family relationships, support is waiting. Through weekly classes, the Fatherhood Initiative represents a committed network of people in the Golden Triangle who help dads fulfill their precious, irreplaceable roles in the lives of their children.


Stop the presses

Posted 6/16/2012 in Columns

It was sad news last week when The Times Picayune, New Orleans' daily paper became New Orleans' three-day-a-week paper. After 175 years, the publication is going digital, and no more home delivery. Mon Dieu! What a tragedy.


Southern summer suppers, courtesy of the farmers' market

Posted 6/16/2012 in Columns

I've always been captivated by the idea of having a thriving vegetable garden reminiscent of my great-grandparent's and Ryan's grandparents'. Most of my husband's childhood memories of both his maternal and paternal grandparents revolve around two things: their legendary green thumbs and, of course, the simple yet mouthwatering meals created from their garden bounty.

'Jack' is coming to West Point

Posted 6/16/2012 in Entertainment

Excitement is building in West Point as the hour nears for the Missoula Theatre Company's auditions Monday at 10 a.m. to cast approximately 60 children in first through 12th grade for performances June 23 of "Jack and the Beanstalk."

'Walk' in Welty's garden when Table Talk presents author Susan Haltom

Posted 6/16/2012 in Entertainment

Near the end of her life, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Eudora Welty (1909-2001) still lived in her parents' home in Jackson. Her mother's beloved garden she had helped tend there many years earlier, however, had all but disappeared -- a fact Welty lamented. Today, it has been restored to its former glory, thanks to garden designer and preservationist Susan Haltom and a committed core of volunteers.


Being beautiful: It ain't nothing to split hairs over

Posted 6/16/2012 in Columns

Just the other day an age-old myth raised eyebrows at the salon amidst the yellow roses, somewhere near the current issue of Veranda and most definitely surrounded by two beautiful ladies sitting regally on my antique red settee.


Military kids and 4-H put green thumbs to work in garden

Posted 6/13/2012 in Food

Planting seeds for healthy living is a way of life for Lowndes County 4-H Agent Sharon Patrick, especially in her work at the Columbus Air Force Base.

Symphony on the water: American Wind Symphony Orchestra promises rare experience for the whole family

Posted 6/9/2012 in Entertainment

Of all the benefits the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway has delivered to the Golden Triangle's doorstep, the American Wind Symphony Orchestra is surely one of the most unforgettable.


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