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The dogs of 9/11

Posted 9/11/2011 in Community

In the shocked aftermath of terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, brave search and rescue dogs and their handlers from across the country were mobilized. For frantic days they sniffed for survivors. For numbing weeks, they searched for casualties.


Canine heroes: Intelligent, courageous, all heart -- search and rescue dogs have what it takes

Posted 9/11/2011 in Community

"Check!" Kathy Doty commands, and R.I.P. is off in a blur of buff and black fur. The 20-month-old Belgian Malinois runs straight toward an agility ramp, his sensitive nose already on scent. He circles the wooden structure, sniffing continuously.


CAC hosts Ron Tew book launch today

Posted 9/9/2011 in Community

The Columbus Arts Council will host a book launch event at the Rosenzweig Arts Center, 501 Main St., today from 4-7 p.m., for Ron Tew's latest novel, "The Conversion."


An apple a day: Nutritious, delicious fruit suits any season

Posted 9/8/2011 in Food

This week's welcome cool snap in the Golden Triangle fulfills the calendar's promise: Autumn has not forgotten its appointed rounds and will be knocking on our door before too many more weeks have passed. With it, our culinary thoughts begin to turn toward foods that will soon be at their peak. One of those is apples.


Authors Burpo, Holland in Golden Triangle today

Posted 9/8/2011 in Entertainment

Two separate book signings in the Golden Triangle today highlight a New York Times No. 1 best seller and a rare photographic journey inside Baghdad.



Rob Hardy: The black legend of Prince Rupert's dog

Posted 9/7/2011 in Columns

You may have read or seen the movie about Marley, "The World's Worst Dog." Marley, at least, was just a dog, and those whom he troubled might have had to suffer torn belongings and other messes. Marley was a piker at "worstness" though; he did not speak all the languages of Satan, for instance, and he could not change his shape into that of a seductive woman, and he could not render himself and his master invisible.



Rob Hardy: Darwin the writer

Posted 9/7/2011 in Columns

Reading "On the Origin of Species" is not like reading any other revolutionary scientific work. Even Richard Feynman said he couldn't get through all of Newton's "Principia," and there are few but specialists who get through Einstein's main papers. Part of the difference, of course, is that Darwin was dealing with biology, a science whose myriad subjects are as close to us as ourselves.



Shannon Bardwell: Eyes of a Greenie fan

Posted 9/6/2011 in Columns

A few Saturdays ago, Sam and I found ourselves smack-dab in the middle of the "Greenies," facing the powerful South Panola Tigers.



Jeff Wilson: Armyworms and weeds: Turf nemeses

Posted 9/3/2011 in Columns

It's been a long, hot summer here in north Mississippi, and your turf may be showing the stress of the season. You've watered on a regular basis and kept the grass alive, but you still have a few weeds that refuse to leave. With one more push, you can finally be rid of these pesky weeds and help that front yard to be beautiful.



David Creel: Consider the seasons

Posted 9/3/2011 in Columns

I welcome fall. Each new season brings with it the obvious pause to reflect on last year or the year before, and perhaps the future as well. But do we ever really sit still to breathe in the cooler breezes at sunset or marvel at the many shades of joy that can be gathered from a pile of fallen leaves?



September Table Talks begin Wednesday

Posted 9/3/2011 in Entertainment

The Friends of the Columbus-Lowndes Public Library will launch the September Table Talk series on Wednesday, Sept. 7, at noon in the library meeting room, 314 7th St. N., with a presentation on Tennessee Williams' Family in Columbus.



From crypt keepers to desire: TWT scholars offer insight

Posted 9/3/2011 in Entertainment

Just as they have for the past nine years, scholars' presentations during the Tennessee Williams Tribute and Tour of Victorian Homes in Columbus Sept. 6-11 will explore inspirations and internal demons that propel some of the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright's work.



Betty Stone: From the Y to teaching, and back again

Posted 9/3/2011 in Columns

Nancy Hendrix is a delightful young woman who sandwiches conducting our senior aquatic exercises at the YMCA in two classes there, three classes at Mississippi University for Women and an after-school program in Caledonia.



More than wee fun: Fuchsia Band to showcase Irish music

Posted 9/3/2011 in Entertainment

Máirtin de Cógáin is a singing, dancing, storytelling bodhrán player who pledges plenty of Gaelic ceoil agus craic (music and fun) when the Fuchsia Band of Ireland performs in Cromwell Theatre Monday, Sept. 12. The Columbus Arts Council and Mississippi University for Women Department of Music and Theatre presentation on the university campus begins at 7 p.m.



Adele Elliott: Caffeine queen

Posted 9/3/2011 in Columns

Let's face it -- we all have some sort of addiction. Most of us would never put our hobbies or (dare I say) obsessions in that category. However, such things as Facebook, online games, soap operas, sports, religious fanaticism, and almost anything that eats up precious time might be classified as an addiction, even if not against the law.


Life on canvas: From portraits to possums, Columbus artist is inspired by it all

Posted 9/3/2011 in Community

"You can't look at eyes as eyes and just draw them," mused Renée Sheridan in her soft, sing-song cadence. "You can't think, 'I know how eyes are -- they're oval and have a circle in the middle.' You look at eyes as light and dark. You're always looking at where the light is meeting the dark ... and you draw what you see."

Rufus Ward: Sharks in your backyard

Posted 9/3/2011 in Columns

Many young people -- and old ones too -- enjoy collecting fossil shark's teeth. The Tombigee River Valley is full of chalk and sand outcroppings that contain many different kinds of fossils. In the Golden Triangle area, these deposits are mostly from the Cretaceous Period of geologic history and range from about 70 to 82 million years old. Throughout the area are found the teeth of sharks, giant fish, sea going reptiles and even an occasional dinosaur.


PHOTO GALLERY: High on the hog: Roast n' Boast 2011 (link)

Posted 8/31/2011 in Entertainment

Fine eatin' and hot competition were all part of the 2011 Roast n' Boast barbecue cooking competition at Columbus Fairgrounds Aug. 26-27.



Town plans for Caledonia Days

Posted 8/31/2011 in Community

CALEDONIA -- The eighth annual Caledonia Days festival is still a month and a half away, but plans are swiftly falling into place.



Shannon Bardwell: Save the cans

Posted 8/30/2011 in Columns

I looked like a life-size Barbie standing in the middle of Tonka Town amid groaning machines, dust whirling and noise sounding like jets crashing together.



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