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Adele Elliott: Tripping

Posted 4/4/2009 in Columns

They say you can’t go home again. This is probably quite true. But, every once in a while, Chris and I make a journey that is lovely and bittersweet.


Building back: Virginia volunteers resurrect burned Tabernacle cabin

Posted 4/4/2009 in Entertainment

The Rev. Ron Thomas remembers the phone call that came that late November Sunday.

A stitch in time: Area quilters advance to semifinals in international show

Posted 4/4/2009 in Entertainment

Sharon Hedrick, of Columbus, and Julia Graber, of Brooksville, have been selected as two of 388 semifinalists for the 25th anniversary American Quilter’s Society Quilt Show and Contest April 22-25 in Paducah, Ky.

A century later, Friendship’s weeping angel still inspires

Posted 4/4/2009 in Entertainment

She is one of the most photographed ladies in Columbus, her image gracing magazines, brochures and gallery walls. She captures imaginations and inspires artists. And, even after 118 years, the weeping angel of Friendship Cemetery still keeps a silent and poignant vigil over the grave of the Rev. Thomas Cox Teasdale, the ninth pastor of First Baptist Church in Columbus, who died in 1891, at the age of 83.

An antebellum table: Before food was fast and take-out took over, meals were made the old-fashioned way

Posted 4/1/2009 in Food

For imaginative visitors, a stroll through the gracious antbellum dining rooms of Columbus Pilgrimage homes on tour through April 11 just may inspire romantic visions of belles, beaus and balls of a bygone era. What few of us give much thought to, however, is the fare that may have filled those sideboards and tables of old.


Betty Stone: It all depends on the point of view

Posted 3/28/2009 in Columns

Tom Hardy is a friend who is a good raconteur and who has a long history in Columbus. Recently he shared the following story with me. I could not improve on it, so I’ll let him tell it himself: “Recently I was driving down Seventh Street South and saw an old water oak tree, between the street and the sidewalk, which brought to mind an incident that has remained in my memory for nearly 80 years.



Adele Elliott: Love and smoke

Posted 3/28/2009 in Columns

We fall in love for mysterious reasons. I fell I love with my husband because he said kind things about his boss, and because my knees got weak when he hugged me. That love had nothing to do with wealth or status. It was an intuitive knowing that this man was something special. I proposed to Chris four months after we met and have never regretted one second of our marriage.


A community spring cleans for first-ever ‘giant yard sale’

Posted 3/28/2009 in Entertainment

Ever since Spirus Roach, that wizened settler said to resemble a possum, inspired native tribes in the early 1800s to dub our little settlement Shook-huttah-tom-a-hah — Opossum Town — Columbus has rather enjoyed its lighthearted association with the waddling marsupial. Even then, pioneers and traders passing through knew a good bargain when they saw it.

Hearing loss doesn’t keep local woman from being ‘just like you’

Posted 3/28/2009 in Entertainment

For too many employees, reporting to work every morning means just another day at the office. But for Jennifer Lee, the punch of the clock as it stamps her J.C. Penney Co. time card is a success story, a validation of her newfound courage and confidence.


Live music, home tours, living history launch Pilgrimage Monday

Posted 3/28/2009 in Entertainment

The 69th annual Columbus Pilgrimage begins Monday with a flourish of live music and living history.



Classical guitarist to perform at RAC April 5

Posted 3/28/2009 in Entertainment

Young classical guitarist Erol Ozsever, of Indiana, will be in concert in the Omnova Theater of the Rosenzweig Arts Center Sunday, April 5, at 3 p.m. The artist’s program includes selections by Sylviu Leopold Weiss, Heitor Villa-Lobos and Sergio Assad, among other noted composers.


Historic homes do the talking in young authors’ new book

Posted 3/28/2009 in Entertainment

“If these walls could talk ... ” Thanks to Dale Rainey’s class of gifted students at Heritage Academy, some of them can. In “More Houses Talk,” 16 antebellum homes speak from the pages, offering a friendly, first “person” glimpse into the pasts of some of Columbus’ architectural treasures built between 1828 and 1858.


Anne Freeze: Hummus — versatile, healthy

Posted 3/25/2009 in Columns

First, a correction and some amplification on my last column: Thank you to Scott McKenzie, of the Mississippi University for Women Culinary Arts Institute, and local restaurateur Sarah Labensky for noticing my mistake on the author of “Larousse Gastronomique.” It was Prosper Montagne who penned the first edition of this work.


Local gardens are big attractions for Pilgrimage visitors

Posted 3/20/2009 in Entertainment

All around Columbus, plump buds peek out from their protective capes, aware they are about to be given their cue. Under Mother Nature’s watch, azaleas, graceful dogwoods and winding wisteria seem to know the time is near to step on stage to the ooh’s and aah’s of an appreciative audience. The show of color is about to begin, just in time for the 69th annual Columbus Pilgrimage.


Roger Truesdale: The Delta Music Institute road trip

Posted 3/20/2009 in Columns

A couple of Saturdays ago a singing pal of mine and I took a day trip over through the Delta. The drawing card was a concert to celebrate the start-up of the Delta Music Institute (DMI) at my old alma mater, Delta State University. 



Adele Elliott: Take me to your readers

Posted 3/20/2009 in Columns

There was a time when almost every science fiction film featured a scene where the spacemen landed and said, “Take me to your leader.”



Speakers announced for Marszalek lecture series

Posted 3/20/2009 in Entertainment

STARKVILLE — A prominent University of Notre Dame historian and a Mississippi State University doctoral candidate will lead the 2009 John F. and Jeanne A. Marszalek Lecture Series.



International fiesta to showcase cultures March 28

Posted 3/20/2009 in Entertainment

STARKVILLE — The Drill Field at Mississippi State University will be the location for a multitude of colorful booths and displays representing more than 70 nations as the university sponsors the 19th annual International Fiesta Saturday, March 28.



Humane Society to benefit from Beta Sigma Phi event

Posted 3/20/2009 in Entertainment

A warehouse in East Columbus is filling up with everything from bedding sets to baskets in preparation for an extensive rummage sale to benefit the Columbus-Lowndes Humane Society. Five local chapters of Beta Sigma Phi are joining together to help the local animal shelter move a step closer to getting the new facility it desperately needs.



ABWA style show helps local group mark 20th year

Posted 3/20/2009 in Entertainment

Fresh silhouettes and pretty prints will be part of the spring landscape soon as the Columbus Anniversary Chapter of the American Business Women’s Association presents its 15th annual style show.



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