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A chicken curry that is speedy, easy and delicious

Posted 2/13/2013 in Food

It didn't seem too much to ask for. I wanted a coconut chicken curry that is fast, delicious and not loaded with fat. Turned out to be easier than I expected.


Chicken, waffles and gravy: the easy way

Posted 2/13/2013 in Food

This is my weeknight-friendly take on fried chicken served on waffles, a total comfort food perfect for a cold winter night.


Romantic recipes: Cozy up around these recipes for Valentine's Day

Posted 2/6/2013 in Food

The approach of Valentine's Day always causes me to remember a long-ago February and a card table my mother set up by the picture window in our living room. She put it there so my younger sister and I could enjoy a rare Columbus snowfall as we addressed our little Valentines. I'm pretty sure there was hot chocolate involved.

A special recipe for Valentine's

Posted 2/6/2013 in Food

If you're not going out for Valentine's dinner, here's a recipe you can use at home. This dish is warm and comforting, and rich with flavors that say "you're special." It cooks up in a gratin dish, so you can assemble it ahead of time, then when you're ready to eat, just pop it in the oven.


Food terms to help navigate the menu and market

Posted 2/6/2013 in Food

When you're scanning a restaurant menu or walking the grocery store aisles, do you know what many of the food terms really mean? What designates "local," and what is the difference between organic and non-organic?



Bananas Foster and bread pudding: Together at last

Posted 2/6/2013 in Food


Church social means fun and fellowship ... and soup, lots of soup

Posted 1/30/2013 in Food

There was plenty of m'm, m'm good to go around Friday evening when Shaeffer's Chapel United Methodist Church in western Lowndes County held its annual soup supper. Tables laden with crockpots of aromatic soups, plates of crisp cornbreads, salads, French bread, sandwiches and luscious desserts drew the church family and guests in from the cold for a night of warm fellowship and great food.


A few things about that $7 cuppa joe

Posted 1/30/2013 in Food

Still think a $5 latte at Starbucks is over the top? Hold on, because now there's an even pricier cuppa Joe to get buzzed about.



Healthier take on Super Bowl grub: Buffalo tenders

Posted 1/30/2013 in Food


Taste, texture and nutrition in tiny packages add crunchy kick to recipes

Posted 1/23/2013 in Food

Have you ever felt like just going nuts? (Not the zany kind of nuts, but the culinary kind.) With all the delicious walnuts, almonds, pecans, peanuts and what not out there, it's no wonder. Each variety has its own distinct flavor, texture and aroma that can enhance dishes from entrées to desserts. Many qualify as healthy snacks on their own. Even the Mayo Clinic website tells us most types of nuts are miniature packages of nutrition.

Guacamole: Fresh takes on a Super Bowl classic

Posted 1/23/2013 in Food

Looking for a few simple ways to freshen up the go-to dish of the Super Bowl? We cobbled together a mighty tasty basic guacamole, then came up with four ways to turn basic into unbelievably good.

Cheese lovers unite, celebrate national 'holiday' with cheesy recipes

Posted 1/16/2013 in Food

I know. Believe me, I get the irony of featuring cheesy recipes the week after 300-calorie dishes filled our food pages, but Sunday is National Cheese Lovers Day -- and man does not live by calorie-counting alone.

300 calorie meals can boost that new year's resolution

Posted 1/9/2013 in Food

So, how are we doing? Nine days into 2013, and it's safe to say a notable percentage of Americans who resolved to drop a few pounds are slip-sliding away. If you made that resolution, no doubt your commitment is built of sterner stuff. If you're counting calories in a quest to a healthier weight, perhaps a few suggestions for meals that are 300-calories-or-less will shore up your arsenal.


Right at home: Cool gadgets for pie makers, givers

Posted 1/9/2013 in Food

Making your own pie is one of the best gifts you can give your table, your family and friends. Retailers are offering lots of cool implements to help you create your own stellar versions, so let the baking begin.



A healthier take on weeknight-friendly risotto

Posted 1/9/2013 in Food

I'm always searching for ways to make a healthier version of risotto, one of my favorite winter Italian dishes.


Goals to eat better, lose weight should be reasonable and realistic

Posted 1/2/2013 in Food

As 2013 begins, many will make resolutions to eat better and lose weight. Mississippi University for Women assistant professor of nutrition Amanda Dahl, RD, LD, offers some tips for weight loss the healthy way. Dahl advises that those steps should include small, reasonable changes with realistic measurable weigh loss goals.


Whatever your diet style there's a cookbook for it

Posted 1/2/2013 in Food

Are you a celebrity watcher? A magazine clipper? A list maker, supplement taker, whole grains baker? No matter what kind of person you are, there's a new diet cookbook to help lay the foundation for that inevitable New Year's resolution.


A light, steamed fish dish with big, bold flavors

Posted 1/2/2013 in Food

The first time I had to test a recipe for steamed fish was back in the '80s, when I was working in the test kitchen at Gourmet magazine. And truthfully, the very idea seemed preposterous.

Have poached eggs for breakfast, lunch or dinner

Posted 1/2/2013 in Food

The beauty of poached eggs is their versatility. Depending on what you pair them with, they can be breakfast, lunch or even dinner.

New Year's goodies: Columbus cook shares one of her go-to recipes for sweet bites

Posted 12/26/2012 in Food

Barbara Patterson never met a cookbook she didn't like. Her Columbus home has a big bookcase dedicated to them. "And she knows when we've messed with them," her daughter, Carol Boone, smiled. "When she goes to yard sales, she goes straight for the cookbooks -- the older the better.


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