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Beer-can chicken: Perfect this classic that's actually based on science

Posted 9/4/2013 in Food

You may not find too many restaurant chefs plopping their poultry on cans of PBR, but all those tailgaters and beachside grillers are on to something. There are solid scientific reasons that chicken really does roast better in a more upright, lifelike pose than when it is flat on its soggy back.

Whole health: Local integrative health coach reminds us 'you are what you eat'

Posted 8/28/2013 in Food

Remember when your grandmother passed on that wise adage, "You are what you eat?" No one believes that more than Lacretia Scarboro.


Ready for anchovies to move into the mainstream?

Posted 8/28/2013 in Food


On the rise: A sea-faring stint was the starter for this bread-maker

Posted 8/21/2013 in Food

Troy DeRego of Starkville had never given much serious thought to how bread ends up on the table -- until he was responsible for getting it there. Oddly enough, the story begins at sea, during the New Hampshire native's college years.

Pucker up: Thursday is national lemon meringue pie day

Posted 8/14/2013 in Food

In case you hadn't noticed, Americans are (ahem) gluttons for national food and drink holidays. Oatmeal, wheat bread, Irish coffee ... you name it, and it's got designated day. Lucky for us, tomorrow is National Lemon Meringue Pie Day.

A stuffed egg with a healthy kick -- spicy avocado

Posted 8/14/2013 in Food

When I was growing up, I loved my mom's stuffed eggs. Heck, as a chubby and happy-go-lucky kid, I loved anything filled with mayonnaise.

Make it yourself: An area chef demos a special dish and shares his recipe

Posted 8/7/2013 in Food

When the Starkville Community Market opens bright and early on Saturday mornings, Chef Chris Pierce is usually resting up from a busy night in the commercial kitchen of Restaurant Tyler. But when the Market asked him to put on a culinary demonstration Aug. 3, Pierce was pleased to take advantage of the opportunity to get to know his new community a little better.


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