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Four simple tips for making a leaner and tastier beef roast

Posted 2/10/2016 in Food

In the world of beef roasts, marbling is king. The internal automatic basting power of tiny fat pockets melting into the meat is amazing.

Souper ways to help Loaves & Fishes' Souper Wednesdays

Posted 2/3/2016 in Food

What better time than Super Bowl week to commit to helping out Souper Wednesdays at the Loaves & Fishes Community Soup Kitchen in Columbus?

Patience pays off when it comes to best yeast rolls

Posted 2/3/2016 in Food

I was one of those kids who loved camp! I loved being away. I loved all of the activities. And I loved the food!

Keep the crisp, lose the labor in these Super Bowl wings

Posted 2/3/2016 in Food

Come Super Bowl Sunday, we all love a heaping platter of wings.

Spinach dip: Some like it hot

Posted 2/3/2016 in Food

Hosting a horde of fans for the Super Bowl?

Living vegan: An area family talks about living -- and thriving -- as vegans

Posted 1/27/2016 in Food

Dusty Jones grew up in the Deep South, where barbecue and chicken are king and tabletops often overflow with animal-based foods.

Anne's Kitchen: Girls' weekend out

Posted 1/27/2016 in Food

Some of us are lucky enough to have lifelong friends.

Super food: Game goodies for Sunday's showdowns and Super Bowl 50

Posted 1/20/2016 in Food

And then there were four. After a heart-pumping, hand-wringing weekend of gridiron clashes, the four NFL contenders left standing -- Denver Broncos vs. New England Patriots; Carolina Panthers vs. Arizona Cardinals -- will battle Sunday for a chance to advance to Super Bowl 50, to be played Feb. 7.

A Super Bowl mind meld: Guac and potato skins in one bite

Posted 1/20/2016 in Food

For this easy Super Bowl snack, we combined two of our favorite game day indulgences -- guacamole and roasted potato skins.

Small changes, big results: More strategies for New Year's resolution success

Posted 1/13/2016 in Food

Last Wednesday, we looked at a few baby steps that could bolster New Year's resolution success for a healthier you.


Anne's Kitchen: A favorite: Chicken and dumplings

Posted 1/13/2016 in Food

I don't understand why, but I never tasted chicken and dumplings until I was an adult.


Small changes, big results: Intimidated by a New Year's resolution? Baby steps can get you there

Posted 1/6/2016 in Food

Six days into 2016 and some of us are already feeling the pressure of lofty promises we made ourselves in a fit of new year euphoria.

Tomatillo salsa offers a fresh approach to poaching salmon

Posted 1/6/2016 in Food

The French love to cook fish by poaching it in a flavored liquid, usually a combination of white wine and water, leeks or onions, and some herbs.

With a few tricks, baked egg rolls can be as good as fried

Posted 1/6/2016 in Food

Alice was our au pair from China, and when she joined our family she brought with her a slew of tasty dishes.

After months of heavy eating, lighten up with taste of Thai

Posted 1/6/2016 in Food

I love every bite of the holidays. I loved the mashed potatoes and the pies and the cornbread stuffing and everything else. And I'm not going to look back with regret.

Bubbles and bites: Ringing in the new year shouldn't break the bank

Posted 12/30/2015 in Food

No matter how many spins we've taken around the sun, there is something special about the eve of a new year.

A New Year's Eve kebab inspired by classic steakhouse foods

Posted 12/30/2015 in Food

The best New Year's Eve party I ever attended was a progressive graze of one appetizer after another all evening.

For true -- and still healthy -- decadence, try a maple budino

Posted 12/30/2015 in Food

Years ago, a friend took me to one of his favorite restaurants in New York City. Dinner was fantastic, the company riveting, but what stayed with me most was dessert: maple budino. One bite and I was smitten.

Frittatas: All the yum of omelets, but with way less effort

Posted 12/30/2015 in Food

A frittata is an Italian omelet, but one in which all of the add-ins (cheese, veggies, meat, rice, what have you) are mixed directly into the eggs (rather than folded into the center).

A chili Christmas: Christmas Eve has traditions of its own

Posted 12/23/2015 in Food

Here we are, just a day away from Christmas Eve, when we'll all be nestled snug in our beds -- probably under the A/C because Old Man Winter has taken leave of his senses. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to our annual Christmas Eve chili tomorrow night.


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