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Gluten-free goodies: Health coach shares survival tips for gluten-free holidays

Posted 11/13/2013 in Food

As Thanksgiving and Christmas march ever closer, many of us are thinking ahead to desserts for holiday dinners and parties. Alyssa Davis is, too. But the Starkville cook's shopping list probably looks different than yours or mine. Davis has been gluten-free for several years now -- not because she thought it was trendy, but because she believes it improves her life and keeps her medication- and symptom-free after years of battling Crohn's Disease.


Mexican Coke in U.S. will still use cane sugar

Posted 11/8/2013 in Food


Dandy dressings: Time to pull out the cookbooks and decide on the dressing

Posted 11/6/2013 in Food

Remembering the Thanksgivings of my childhood conjures warm memories. I can clearly see gleaming china, sparkling crystal, the turkey-shaped gravy bowl and a large cornucopia my mother often used as a centerpiece. It overflowed with artificial apples, oranges and grapes that, to a kid, looked good enough to eat. In fact, I daresay there were some tiny teeth marks on the underside of a couple.


Tarting up a butternut offering

Posted 11/6/2013 in Food



Do-ahead mashed potatoes to save time and sanity

Posted 11/6/2013 in Food


Columbus cook is contestant on new Food Network show

Posted 10/30/2013 in Food

Seonkyoung Longest of Columbus is wasting no time in pursuing her culinary passion. After earning an apron as one of the top 40 home cooks out of 40,000 original aspirants on "MasterChef" Season 4, which premiered in May, the 29-year-old military spouse is now one of nine contestants selected for "Restaurant Express," a new Food Network program hosted by Robert Irvine.

Great pork chops? It's all about the size. (And wait'll you try the pumpkin-seed butter)

Posted 10/30/2013 in Food

Everyone loves the idea of a grilled pork chop, but they often fall short of expectations. And I blame the butcher!


Ann Romney's cookbook, more than just recipes

Posted 10/30/2013 in Food


Consider a robust kale salad

Posted 10/30/2013 in Food


Italian vintners look abroad as home sales slump

Posted 10/30/2013 in Food



Kraft recalls cheese that may spoil early

Posted 10/30/2013 in Food


A Columbus cook has a way with finger foods at Halloween

Posted 10/23/2013 in Food

Whether they're toppling governments in "World War Z" or peddling cell service and cars in TV commercials, zombies seem to be America's ghoul du jour. So Linda Jenkins is right in sync this Halloween with her signature zombie finger cookies. The Columbus cook's family counts on her to bake up a batch every October, as the month wanes toward All Hallows' Eve.

Some like it hot: Chilifest ushers in a savory season

Posted 10/16/2013 in Food

What's not to love about autumn? Lap blankets on game day, hayrides, pumpkins on the porch -- and chili. Hot, mild, beef, chicken, sausage, beans, bean-less, vegetarian. However you prefer yours, it's about time to stock up on ingredients and pull out that big pot.


NYC restaurant offers something new: Silence

Posted 10/12/2013 in Food



Fruit, vegetable growers to meet Nov. 13-15

Posted 10/9/2013 in Food



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