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Three tips for a better, easier breakfast in bed on Mother's Day

Posted 4/27/2016 in Food

Breakfast in bed is a love language in our home. Anytime there is a special occasion to celebrate -- a birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, whatever -- the rest of the family follows an unspoken agreement to meet early in the kitchen to craft a breakfast-in-bed tray.

Fire it up: Hot and fast, wood-fired pizza boasts flavor and flair

Posted 4/20/2016 in Food

While pizza wars over who makes the best will always rage, one thing most pizza pundits agree on is that the way a pie is baked makes a big difference.

Know your cuts for a better Passover brisket

Posted 4/20/2016 in Food

Though most of my brisket experience has been spent at the smoker or the grill, I have fond memories of braised brisket, which I usually enjoyed during Passover with my Jewish relatives.

Doing the impossible: Make a vegan Caesar worth celebrating

Posted 4/20/2016 in Food

I've heard that many restaurant chefs despise making Caesar salads, but I don't understand why. Who wouldn't love making lemony-cheesy-black-pepper-salad dreams come true?

Chocolate and chicken? Yes, with this amazing mole sauce!

Posted 4/20/2016 in Food

Don't be fooled into thinking mole (pronounced mole-EH) is just a Mexican chocolate sauce.


Sushi alert: Grim outlook for bluefin tuna

Posted 4/20/2016 in Food

The latest scientific assessment paints a likely bleak future for the Pacific bluefin tuna, a sushi lovers' favorite whose population has dropped by more than 97 percent from its historic levels.


In the kitchen (and around the house), get the most out of those lemons

Posted 4/13/2016 in Food

Lemons are a powerhouse of flavor, bringing us everything from shrimp lemon pepper linguini and lemon creme brulee to the lemon-raspberry pound cake muffin recipe in today's food pages.

Fruit for dessert can be both virtuous and decadent

Posted 4/13/2016 in Food

According to my grandmother, fruit is God's candy, making it the perfect ending to a meal.

This is the iconic chicken recipe that you need in your life

Posted 4/13/2016 in Food

When this recipe was first created by The Silver Palate catering and take out shop on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, it earned an immediate following.

If it's spring, it must be time for an herby salmon salad

Posted 4/13/2016 in Food

Nothing speaks to me of spring like a salmon salad. It's light and pretty and herby, and when you add pasta it becomes a real meal.

Food truck for Fido: New Seattle business caters to canines

Posted 4/13/2016 in Food

Stand on any block around lunchtime near's downtown Seattle headquarters and there are two common sights: people walking their dogs and people buying lunch at food trucks.

Spring strawberries are in at this pick-your-own field in Macon

Posted 4/6/2016 in Food

In the heart of Noxubee County, out on Elon Road in Macon, there's a pretty patch full of strawberries just waiting to star in a luscious dessert, fresh salad, salsa or summery drink.

Anne's Kitchen: Food blog favs

Posted 3/30/2016 in Food

I have been making a half-hearted attempt to pare down my cookbooks. We hope to move into a much smaller home some day, and I have to give up something in return for asking Terry to throw out his college textbooks and notes.

For foolproof baked salmon, reach for foil and make packets

Posted 3/30/2016 in Food

We all know that eating fish several times a week is a healthy goal. But a lot of otherwise accomplished home cooks still find cooking fish a bit intimidating. The biggest worry? Drying it out.

Avocado can do more than make guacamole. Think pasta sauce!

Posted 3/30/2016 in Food

Avocado is far more than just guacamole, club sandwiches and California omelets.

Spring's return means it's easy to enjoy our greens again

Posted 3/30/2016 in Food

This is one of the prettiest dishes to dress a spring -- or dreaming of spring -- table.

Prize soup: A chef shares his winning recipe for

Posted 3/23/2016 in Food

The name will get your attention; the taste will seal the deal. That's what a soup by Chef Paul Brasfield and the Bin 612 team did at the 2016 SOUPer Bowl in Starkville.

For the best Easter eggs, you need this simple hollandaise

Posted 3/23/2016 in Food

When the subject is Easter eggs, most folks usually are talking about the gaily painted specimens in a basket. Me, I think of holiday brunch, and in particular of eggs Benedict.

Add the unexpected to Easter dinner: butter roasted radishes

Posted 3/23/2016 in Food

Easter sides are depressingly predictable.

Easy comfort dinner? All you need is one pan, lots of paprika

Posted 3/23/2016 in Food

Chicken paprikash is the kind of dish that reveals itself immediately and inarguably as comfort food, even if you've never eaten it before in your life.


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