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Steak and cheese grinder recast as a pasta dinner

Posted 7/30/2014 in Food

Parents love back-to-school season because it gets the whole family back on a schedule. Parents hate back-to-school season because that schedule usually leaves too little time to get dinner on the table.

You scream, I scream: Bully's cold treat keeps gaining in popularity

Posted 7/23/2014 in Food

You may have seen the same clip on national news that I did: July is National Ice Cream Month, and has been since 1984. As if we needed a special month, right? Ice cream works any time of the year, but summer is its season to shine.


Market Fresh: Versatile watermelon: smoothies, salads and refreshing drinks

Posted 7/23/2014 in Food

Yahoo! Summer is still here. The Hitching Lot Farmers' Market is still thriving and bursting with color, conversation and culinary promise.


A healthy afterschool snack that eats like a treat

Posted 7/23/2014 in Food

The words hungry kids heading home from school hate most? "Have a piece of fruit."

Give fruit salad zing with honey and black pepper

Posted 7/23/2014 in Food

Looking for ways to jazz up your basic fruit salad this summer? Consider giving it a hit from the savory side of the food world.

Lovin' the Blues: Read on for 10 fresh ways to use blueberries

Posted 7/16/2014 in Food

There are muffins, of course. And pancakes. And the obligatory fruit salad. But then what? After all the usual suspects, how do you handle a seasonal abundance of blueberries?


Market Fresh: Summer creamed corn and corn pudding -- yum

Posted 7/16/2014 in Food

Please excuse me if I've said this before, but I seem to have replaced my obsession with buying shoes with an obsession for buying corn.


Rethinking a healthy breakfast: a meal in a muffin

Posted 7/16/2014 in Food

When fall rolls around and it's back to school and work, wouldn't you love to start your day with something tastier and more substantial than that all-too-typical bowl of cold cereal?


Local foods becoming big business

Posted 7/16/2014 in Food

Once a niche business, locally grown foods aren't just for farmers markets anymore.



Market Fresh: Amp up your "same old" with fresh field peas

Posted 7/9/2014 in Food


The Hitching Lot Farmer's Market: It's not just for Saturdays

Posted 7/9/2014 in Food

Saturday mornings from 7 to 10 a.m. at the Hitching Lot Farmers' Market in Columbus are lively affairs, with not only fresh-picked produce from local growers, and crafts, but festivities that range from live music to cooking demonstrations and corn shucking contests.

Fruity shrimp cocktail suited for a summer picnic

Posted 7/9/2014 in Food

Most of us know the secret to amazing homemade cocktail sauce -- spike some ketchup with horseradish, lemon juice and Worcestershire sauce and you're good to go.

Elevate the basic pasta salad with feta and shrimp

Posted 7/9/2014 in Food

We've all suffered through them, those limp, soggy excuses for pasta salad that amount to little more than elbow macaroni doused with bottled vinaigrette and tossed with a bag of frozen peas.

Delizioso! W Culinary Camp wraps up with a taste of 'Little Italy' (and a patriotic flair)

Posted 7/2/2014 in Food

There was a bit of Italia in the air Friday at Mississippi University for Women's Culinary Arts Institute. On the final day of this summer's MUW Culinary Camp for Kids, participants in the seventh through 12th grades prepared an Italian-themed luncheon for parents and friends, presenting demos of each course.


Market Fresh: Try these summer salsas

Posted 7/2/2014 in Food

Summertime entertaining and salsa go together like, well, chips and salsa. With all of the fresh ingredients available at the Hitching Lot Farmers' Market in Columbus and other area farmers' markets, now is the time to forsake the jarred version and put a little love into the bowl.



Market Fresh: Ahhh, refreshing -- agua fresca

Posted 6/25/2014 in Food

When the heat and humidity get to be too much a refreshing glass of agua fresca is just the thing.


Red, sweet and blue: Keep the grill going for a colorful July 4 dessert

Posted 6/25/2014 in Food

As somebody who spends a whole lot of time thinking about grilling, I love that so many Americans celebrate July Fourth by busting out the grill.

Triple glazing strawberry-balsamic pork tenderloin

Posted 6/25/2014 in Food

When you discover foods that have a natural affinity for one another, it's easy to find numerous excuses to enjoy them together.

Grilled salad: Reason to finally use the grilling pan

Posted 6/25/2014 in Food

Over the years, I've received roughly a half dozen of those perforated grilling pans as gifts. You know the ones I mean.

Savory & Sweet swaps: Table Talk hosts a neighborly recipe swap and indoor picnic June 25

Posted 6/18/2014 in Food

Let's confess. It can be boring cooking the same old thing time after time. We could use some inspiration.


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