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It's the season for black and orange ... Now in a salad

Posted 10/7/2015 in Food

Rice salads are a summertime staple, perfect for picnics and al fresco dining.

Want to go meatless tonight? Anne Freeze has a couple of tasty options

Posted 9/30/2015 in Food

I am in the process of decluttering my home, and as you may know from personal experience, it can be a daunting task.

Take your breakfast to a new level with DIY toaster pastries

Posted 9/30/2015 in Food

Ready to get retro with your baked goodies? How about a batch of do-it-yourself toaster pastries? They are easier than you think.

Not all baked treats are diet busters. Enter mini popovers!

Posted 9/30/2015 in Food

I am a complete sucker for baked treats and simple sugary carbs.

Turning a bonanza of brown bananas into a gingery bread

Posted 9/30/2015 in Food

Because I find myself with overripe bananas pretty much every other week, our family eats a lots of banana bread.

Ditch the dairy to make the most flavorful, creamy soup

Posted 9/30/2015 in Food

This time of year, with the weather getting colder, I love to serve soup for supper.

For Kris Lee, cooking has become a family scrapbook

Posted 9/23/2015 in Food

Most of us know the feeling, that sweetly hollow spot that opens when we think of a beloved family member no longer by our side. Kris Lee of Starkville is familiar with it, too.

Time to banish the not-chicken-again weeknight dinner blues

Posted 9/23/2015 in Food

Does back-to-school time have you humming a few bars of the weeknight dinner blues?

Four ingredients and 20 minutes are all you need for great soup

Posted 9/23/2015 in Food

In the farm-to-table food world of today, we often praise the cook who keeps recipes simple, letting the ingredients speak for themselves.

Can diet influence behavior? A Columbus family says 'yes'

Posted 9/16/2015 in Food

The Casano family has seen some changes lately, and they're loving them.


Anne's Kitchen: Retro weekend and good crumb chicken

Posted 9/16/2015 in Food

I was back home in Athens, Georgia, this past weekend at my high school reunion, and it was a fun, fun, fun time.


A bit of acid and fat do wonders to amp the flavor of fish

Posted 9/16/2015 in Food

Given how quickly it cooks, fish stands out as the perfect candidate for a weeknight meal, especially in the fall, when the resurgence of school and work can seem like the onset of hurricane season.

Want a better pork chop? Add a bit of bourbon and some flame

Posted 9/16/2015 in Food

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Fred Noe, the seventh-generation master distiller who literally grew up at the Jim Beam distillery in the middle of Kentucky.

A little care, a little brine can produce stellar pork chops

Posted 9/9/2015 in Food

Once upon a time pork chops were pretty rich. These days they're lean enough to be marketed as "the other white meat."

Easy veg skewers for back-to-school nights that aren't easy

Posted 9/9/2015 in Food

Back-to-school is kind of like New Year's Day for my kids. It's the perfect time to revisit personal goals, which range from mastering fractions to eating more vegetables.

What your chop or steak really needs is an easy, warm salad

Posted 9/9/2015 in Food

This recipe is a template for topping sauteed steaks or chops of most any kind with a wilted salad, a splendid dish for a late summer dinner.


Fast-food's new target: the snack attack

Posted 9/9/2015 in Food

Forget the Big Mac attack. Now is the time of the snack attack.


A grilled take on fried green tomatoes with shrimp remoulade

Posted 9/9/2015 in Food

I love fried green tomatoes! My grandmother made them at the beginning of fall when there were so many tomatoes on the vine in our area that no one minded picking the unripe ones and cooking them before they turned red and juicy.

Honey of a treat: Embrace the delicious difference of raw honey in ice cream

Posted 9/9/2015 in Food

These days, the ubiquitous honey bear may not cause us to stop and give thanks.

It's kickoff time for tailgates and good eats

Posted 9/2/2015 in Food

Everybody and their neighbor seems to have come down with a raging case of football fever around here lately. No wonder: Both Mississippi State and Ole Miss kick off their seasons Saturday, the Bulldogs on the road in Hattiesburg, the Rebels at home.


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