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A coconut and berry no-bake pie for July Fourth

Posted 6/26/2013 in Food

Just because summer seems to scream for pie doesn't mean we are eager to crank up the oven. This is especially true at the Fourth of July, when we'd rather focus on the grill and preparations for fireworks.

A trio of summer salsas, no tomatoes needed

Posted 6/26/2013 in Food

Who says salsa has to be made from tomatoes? Or dumped unceremoniously from a jar?

Kids cook!: MUW's Culinary Camp gives next generation of cooks the right ingredients

Posted 6/19/2013 in Food

Young cooks had a hard time containing their excited anticipation Friday afternoon while waiting for parents to arrive at Mississippi University for Women's Culinary Arts Institute. It was demo day, the last day of their week-long adventure at culinary camp, and they were eager to show off what they had learned.


Food companies work to make it look natural

Posted 6/19/2013 in Food

Here's the latest goal for food makers: Perfect the art of imperfection.



Wake-up call: Starbucks to post calorie counts

Posted 6/19/2013 in Food


Celebrating dads: Looking for man-food ideas for Father's Day? Keep reading

Posted 6/12/2013 in Food

In case you hadn't noticed, Father's Day is just around the corner. On Sunday, June 16 families everywhere will celebrate dads, and many of them will do it with some form of feasting on manly foods. Dude food, if you will.


Yup! We added maple and bacon to cookies for Dad

Posted 6/12/2013 in Food


TV's acerbic chef brings 'Hotel Hell' to Starkville

Posted 6/5/2013 in Food

Fox Broadcasting's prolific Chef Gordon Ramsay is raising his profile in the Golden Triangle for the second time in the past several weeks.

Delta delicious: Tour the 'Soul of the South' when Table Talk hosts author of 'Eat Drink Delta'

Posted 6/5/2013 in Food

For more than three years, on and off, veteran food journalist and Jackson native Susan Puckett delved into the Delta, its history, its communities and, most of all, its food.

Mac and cheese and pulled pork -- together at last!

Posted 6/5/2013 in Food

Casseroles have never really had much of a place in my culinary repertoire. It's a time thing mostly. I'd rather sear something off in a few minutes than stand around while it slowly bakes.


A have-it-your-way grilled Greek chicken salad

Posted 6/5/2013 in Food


'On the Hill': New cookbook from Columbus' 'church on the hill' offers almost 600 recipes that wow

Posted 5/29/2013 in Food

When we're happy, we celebrate with food. When folks are sick and hurting, we cook because food is an easily shared expression of love, concern and condolence. For those, and other reasons embraced in the introduction to "Favorite Recipes On the Hill," First Presbyterian Church in Columbus was inspired to create a cookbook.

'Cooking saved my life': From Korea to Columbus, YouTube and beyond

Posted 5/22/2013 in Food

When Seonkyoung Longest came to the United States in 2009 from her native South Korea, her world was a happy place. She had met and married her Prince Charming -- Jacob Longest of the United States Air Force -- and was about to begin the next chapter in a new land. What she didn't realize was that her fairy tale was about to meet reality.


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