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Cooking on deadline: Korean-style grilled short ribs

Posted 8/16/2017 in Food

Those who love short ribs love them. Those who haven't cooked them at home before might be a little intimidated by them. Let's bridge that gap.


Put that romaine on the grill for this BLT salad with buttermilk dressing

Posted 8/9/2017 in Food

When I first heard about folks grilling romaine lettuce, I was pretty skeptical. Lettuce is supposed to be crisp. Grilling would make it soggy. What's the point?

Healthy plate: apple upside-down cornbread

Posted 8/9/2017 in Food

Cornbread has always had a bit of an identity crisis in our house: Is it savory or is it sweet? Does it replace dinner rolls or dessert?

American table: pastis shrimp

Posted 8/9/2017 in Food

This is my French-flavored version of peel 'n' eat shrimp. The sauce is delicious and warrants a whole baguette just for sopping up.

Cooking on deadline: Honey Creole mustard green beans

Posted 8/9/2017 in Food

And then that moment of summer arrives when the green beans are piled so high at the markets, and being sold at such a low price, that you feel like you'd be a fool not to pick up a pound or two or five.

KitchenWise: cheese sandwich souffle is easy weeknight meal

Posted 8/9/2017 in Food

One time many years ago, I was riffling through my grandmother Ruth's box of handwritten recipe cards when I pulled up short at the sight of the title of this recipe for Cheese Sandwich Souffle.

Anne's Kitchen: Everyday chicken gets a Milanese makeover

Posted 8/2/2017 in Food

When I was young and foolish in New York, I had a French boyfriend for a time who introduced me to rose wine and veal Milanese.

Serve blueberry pie with a cinnamon French toast crust

Posted 8/2/2017 in Food

Here's a ridiculously simple summer dessert -- the happy marriage of blueberry pie and French toast with a little cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top.

Cooking on deadline: Green Goddess dressing and dip

Posted 8/2/2017 in Food

Green Goddess dressing was created at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, an opulent 19th century hotel noted for its celebrity chefs.

This eggplant gets sweet, sour thanks to vinegar, tomatoes

Posted 8/2/2017 in Food

Traditional recipes seem to be part of a collective conscience of sorts, and eggplant caponata is no exception.

Outside the box: Local market boasts Filipino veggies and tasty treats

Posted 7/26/2017 in Food

Farmers' market fans are accustomed to seeking out fresh tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, peas and peaches, but community markets often offer our palates an adventure outside the proverbial box as well.

A tenderloin gets an assist from dark brown sugar, paprika

Posted 7/26/2017 in Food

As its name implies, the tenderloin is one of the most tender cuts of pork, and comes from the full loin.

Take advantage of the tomato deluge now and make lunch

Posted 7/26/2017 in Food

Check out your grocery store right about now because I'll bet you'll find gorgeous tomatoes everywhere.


Anne's Kitchen: A diner's diary

Posted 7/19/2017 in Food

I am most definitely not a food or restaurant critic. And I'm not a professional food journalist. I do read a lot of food writing and understand that there is technique, talent and skill involved in it.


Mix cheesy eggs and ripe avocado for a yummy breakfast taco

Posted 7/19/2017 in Food

Long before I knew that the origin of breakfast tacos were a hotly debated topic, I was eating them and loving them.

Stone fruit almond upside-down cake is summertime treat

Posted 7/19/2017 in Food

This recipe for stone fruit almond upside-down cake works equally well using any kind of stone fruit or a mix of every kind of stone fruit, including plums, apricots, nectarines, peaches and plumcots.


Cooking on deadline: cavatappi with cherry tomatoes, pesto

Posted 7/19/2017 in Food

Summer, summer, summer. The word is fat and round and breezy and rolls around nicely on the tongue. And we want our food to be breezy, too.


A fun kitchen project is home-baked soft pretzels

Posted 7/19/2017 in Food

You know pretzels and have probably eaten them in many different forms, but do you know how they're made?

From farm to table: Locally-grown stars in a special night out

Posted 7/12/2017 in Food

Occasionally, a seemingly small happenstance can lead to something quite special. In this case, a chance meeting over a jar of jam helped inspire a fine dining experience many might expect to more often find in New Orleans or Memphis than in the Golden Triangle.

Anne's Kitchen: Market bounty yields summer feasts

Posted 7/5/2017 in Food

On my last visit to the Hitching Lot Farmers' Market in Columbus I came home with okra, green beans, little potatoes, corn, peaches and delicious tomatoes.


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