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Southern Gardening: Plan to use Supertunias in summer landscapes

Posted 2/21/2015 in Columns

With the cold winter weather upon us, are you thinking about planting annual color for the summer?


A Stone's Throw: Back to Valentine's

Posted 2/14/2015 in Columns

Circumstances occasionally take a strange turn when you write this kind of column.



Being Beautiful: Rediscovering love beyond a box of chocolates

Posted 2/14/2015 in Columns

Love is a word often used lightly, or is it?


Southern Gardening: Saucer magnolia flowers are early signal of spring

Posted 2/14/2015 in Columns

There are a lot of different traditions and customs when it comes to predicting the weather.

Southern Gardening: Use hardy nandina for winter colors

Posted 2/7/2015 in Columns

Cold winter weather causes changes in the foliage of many evergreen plants, including making them express new colors.

Southern Gardening: Virginia sweetspire is a perfect shrub

Posted 1/31/2015 in Columns

If you're like me and most other home gardeners, you want shrubs to have multiseason interest and be versatile, beautiful and low maintenance.


Being Beautiful: And the award goes to ... color

Posted 1/31/2015 in Columns



A Stone's Throw: Bridge work

Posted 1/31/2015 in Columns

My friend, Peggy Cantelou, says she has been playing bridge since she was in junior high school, that the mothers of her set were determined that their daughters would be proficient in the game.



Being Beautiful: Laughing back at laugh lines

Posted 1/24/2015 in Columns

A wrinkle in the rug underneath my desk in the library kept distracting me last week.



Being Beautiful: 'Please' and 'thank you' never go out of style

Posted 1/17/2015 in Columns

A few winters ago, we were walking into our favorite Burberry store in Washington, D.C., and a jolly man with a raspy voice exclaimed, "Welcome to Burberry, gentlemen" as we glided through the revolving doors.



A Stone's Throw: Rhyme-time nostalgia

Posted 1/17/2015 in Columns


Southern Gardening: Winter reveals lichen growth

Posted 1/17/2015 in Columns

Winter is a good time to examine landscape plants.


Being Beautiful: Unweaving the tangled webs we weave

Posted 1/10/2015 in Columns

Sometimes you can get yourself into quite a tangle, and I don't mean the hundred ways I was mischievous as a child.


Southern Gardening: Use loropetalum for early spring blooms

Posted 1/10/2015 in Columns

One landscape plant that is giving some earlier-than-usual blooms are loropetalum shrubs.

Southern Gardening: Pyracantha adds spark to winter landscapes

Posted 1/4/2015 in Columns

In the cold and dreary winter months, when color in the landscape can seem like an unachievable goal.


A Stone's Throw: The time after Christmas

Posted 1/4/2015 in Columns

'Twas the time after Christmas and all through the house, Everyone was exhausted including the mouse.



Being Beautiful: Healthy food choices yield beautiful results

Posted 1/4/2015 in Columns

I struggle with eating the right foods, and any nutritionist would consider me a challenge.



Being Beautiful: Be your own firecracker

Posted 12/27/2014 in Columns

When I was a little boy, nothing was more thrilling than following my big brother around with a crumpled brown paper bag of holiday firecrackers.



A Stone's Throw: Christmas fantasies

Posted 12/20/2014 in Columns

Probably no other time of the year lends itself to fantasies as Christmas.



Being Beautiful: Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse -- or Shih-Tzu

Posted 12/20/2014 in Columns

Who among us could not use a little fairy dust this season?



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