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Southern Gardening: Use Gulf Muhly grass for winter looks, color

Posted 9/30/2017 in Columns

I know some homeowners who look at ornamental grasses and wonder what is the big deal; these plants are only grass.


Being Beautiful: Tales of Ferris wheels, funnel cakes and first cousins

Posted 9/30/2017 in Columns

The fair is coming to town!


Southern Gardening: Color fall gardens with ornamental peppers

Posted 9/23/2017 in Columns

Late summer and early fall are among my favorite times of the year because the ornamental peppers are starting to really color up.


Being Beautiful: Tethering hot air balloons, loosely

Posted 9/23/2017 in Columns

There has always been more than little bit of Peter Pan in me.


Southern Gardening: Fall brings nekkid ladies to Southern landscapes

Posted 9/16/2017 in Columns

This is the time of year many gardeners have been waiting for all summer.


Being Beautiful: To persist or to aggravate?

Posted 9/16/2017 in Columns

Southerners know it all too well, the lush green vine that coils, winds and climbs over everything in its path from trees to houses -- kudzu.


Southern Gardening: Pentas shine brightly through late summer

Posted 9/9/2017 in Columns

I'm often asked which flowering plants I think are best for our landscapes and gardens. This is not a simple question!


Being Beautiful: Heaven must surely have a special place for dogs

Posted 9/9/2017 in Columns

All dogs go to Heaven, and you will never convince me otherwise.


Southern Gardening: Container gardening solves several landscape problems

Posted 9/2/2017 in Columns

This year has been a challenge in my home landscape and garden.


Being Beautiful: Walking a mile in someone else's shoes

Posted 9/2/2017 in Columns

The peacock rests in shards of broken glass.


Southern Gardening: Cajun hibiscus are terrific tropical hibiscus for state

Posted 8/19/2017 in Columns

Lately I've been singing the praises of having hardy hibiscuses in your landscape.

Playing in the dirt: Master Gardener tips for August can reap fall rewards

Posted 8/12/2017 in Columns

Ah, August! The dog days of summer typically bring exhausting heat, long spells of no rain and very high electric bills.


Being Beautiful: My fountain of youth has run dry

Posted 8/12/2017 in Columns

Mark Twain might have said it best: "Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter." Well, Mark, lately it's beginning to matter.


Southern Gardening: Summer citrus growth brings autumn harvest

Posted 8/12/2017 in Columns

Although we're in the middle of a blazing hot summer, I find my gardening thoughts wandering to the coming fall season.


Being Beautiful: Homes are where the heart is

Posted 8/5/2017 in Columns

I have always heard you can never go home again. Well, that's simply not true, although I do understand the more subtle meaning.


Southern Gardening: Use hardy hibiscus for late-summer blooms

Posted 8/5/2017 in Columns

I think hardy hibiscus is one of those must-have summer plants that we can count on to brighten our gardens and landscapes after a long, hot summer.


Being Beautiful: The past is never dead -- it isn't even past

Posted 7/29/2017 in Columns

When I was a little boy, Mama told me stories of sights and wonders she had seen. Still today, those stories flood my mind with curiosity and fascination, normal meeting paranormal.



Being Beautiful: Remembering screen doors left unlatched

Posted 7/22/2017 in Columns

It's hot as Hades in Mississippi, and that's even in the shade with a pitcher of ice cold lemonade.


Southern Gardening: Crape myrtle is garden must-have in the South

Posted 7/22/2017 in Columns

There is one plant that absolutely is the flower of the South: the crape myrtle. Who can resist the colorful flower clusters on display from early summer through late fall?


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