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Southern Gardening: Old-fashioned liriope is current garden staple

Posted 8/1/2015 in Columns

One of the most frequent calls I get in the summer concerns lawns and ground covers under trees, where sunlight is limited.


Being Beautiful: It's only 153 days until Christmas

Posted 7/25/2015 in Columns

"I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year." Charles Dickens was right. Christmas melted even the heart of Ebenezer Scrooge.



A Stone's Throw: Hot wedding

Posted 7/18/2015 in Columns

Do you remember the old "society columns" in which "Little Miss Precious Plutocrat motored to Birmingham yesterday with her mother, Mrs. Pomposity Plutocrat, for a day of shopping and luncheon with her aunt and cousin, Mrs. Genuine Gotrocks and little Miss Hotcha Gotrocks."



Being Beautiful: Do you want to know my secret?

Posted 7/18/2015 in Columns

The old adage that men sweat and ladies glisten might hold true for some, but here in the South where it's hotter than blazes, folks of all kinds just sweat.


Southern Gardening: Long summer road trip displays similar flowers

Posted 7/18/2015 in Columns

A long road trip I'm currently on made me realize that our climates may be significantly different, but our plants are often very similar.


Being Beautiful: The sun will come out ...

Posted 7/11/2015 in Columns

Meet Miz Victoria Fiona, and let me tell you how we became acquainted.


Southern Gardening: Hot weather tips keep gardeners safe at work

Posted 7/11/2015 in Columns

It's pretty easy to grow plants when water is plentiful, and that's the situation much of the time in Mississippi.


Being Beautiful: Of party lines and 'progress'

Posted 7/4/2015 in Columns

I have never admired those who preach one sermon and live another, figuratively speaking, which means I try very hard not to be a hypocrite.



A Stone's Throw: First steps to liberty

Posted 7/4/2015 in Columns

Yesterday was July 4, when we as a nation commemorate the act of declaring our independence from what we perceived as oppressive government from Britain under George III.


Southern Gardening: Grateful flowers bloom after deadheading done

Posted 7/4/2015 in Columns

I'm like most home gardeners when it comes to working in and maintaining my garden and landscape.


Being Beautiful: Beauty advice from Grandma and the Pretty Woman

Posted 6/27/2015 in Columns

Our grandmothers gave us sage advice on most everything under the sun, but perhaps we should have listened more intently when they were passing out beauty tips -- mayonnaise, milk, beer. Well, I declare.


Southern Gardening: Tour explores Gary's landscape and garden

Posted 6/27/2015 in Columns

Most gardeners have favorite landscape plants they use every year, and I'm no different.


A Stone's Throw: Indian ceremony

Posted 6/20/2015 in Columns

Wrapping myself in the thick hotel bathrobe and clutching my cup of hot coffee, I ventured out onto the balcony in the chilly Colorado air.



Being Beautiful: Celebrating the love of man's best friend on Father's Day

Posted 6/20/2015 in Columns

Stella Poodle is a pretty girl. She turns heads on the street well into her golden years, the classiest aging brunette since Sophia Loren.


Southern Gardening: Colorful vincas thrive in summer landscapes

Posted 6/20/2015 in Columns

Our gardens and landscapes are heating up, and for hot summer color, you just can't beat the annual vinca.


Being Beautiful: The right tools for the job

Posted 6/13/2015 in Columns

If you ask me what's hot this season, I might tell you a smoking haircut or equally sizzling color, but I also want to share some of the hottest styling tools. They aren't all the same in quality or function.


Southern Gardening: Elephant ears create a tropical paradise

Posted 6/13/2015 in Columns

Tropical plants, like elephant ears, just scream for attention and attract interest in any landscape.

Here comes the sun: Veggie care in the Golden Triangle

Posted 6/13/2015 in Columns

Ninety degree temperatures and 10 mile per hour winds increase water use by most vegetables.


A Stone's Throw: In bolder Boulder

Posted 6/6/2015 in Columns

The couple stood serenely hand-in-hand on the brow of the mountain, the warm, early summer sun lighting their faces with a golden glow.



Being Beautiful: Tips for sweltering stylishly

Posted 5/30/2015 in Columns

It's so hot that my hydrangeas are fainting, and it's hardly even summer yet.



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