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Southern Gardening: Artemisia is a perfect option for low-maintenance landscapes

Posted 7/16/2016 in Columns

Gardeners are always looking for landscape plants that provide interest, and they primarily concentrate on the colorful flowers. But in my experience, even the most floriferous garden plant will need some help to maintain garden beauty.


Being Beautiful: My life has been a tapestry

Posted 7/9/2016 in Columns

Each person's story is a patchwork quilt of memories sewn together by time. If I had a quilt to tell my storied past, what would the squares of fabric reveal?



A Stone's Throw: A serious subject

Posted 7/9/2016 in Columns

My friend Dr. Selden Lambert has years of expertise in criminology.


Southern Gardening: Dwarf canna is go-to plant for Mississippi

Posted 7/9/2016 in Columns

Lately, I've been telling you about some of my favorite go-to plants for Mississippi gardens. The canna lily is another easy landscape plant that I think everyone should have in his or her garden.

Southern Gardening: Rare plant blooms in Poplarville

Posted 7/2/2016 in Columns

Most of the time, I write about what I think are great landscape plants for gardeners in Mississippi to try in their landscapes. But this column is a bit different as I'm writing about a plant I don't recommend for the home gardener.


Being Beautiful: Are we stronger than we believe?

Posted 7/2/2016 in Columns

Narrow daylight entered my room. Shining hours were brief." Not my words, but the lyrics of a Diana Krall song that reminds me of my darkest season.



A Stone's Throw: This one's for you, Bob

Posted 6/25/2016 in Columns

Last Saturday I went to a very special birthday party. Dr. Robert I. Gilbert, retired professor of sociology at MSCW (now Mississippi University for Women), celebrated his birthday -- number 101!



Being Beautiful: Dirt roads are just as exciting as yellow brick roads

Posted 6/25/2016 in Columns

One thing that doesn't change much is a dirt road.


Southern Gardening: Mississippi gardens excel with hibiscus

Posted 6/25/2016 in Columns

Hibiscus has to be one of the best groups of plants you can have in your garden and landscape. Here's several reasons why.

Southern Gardening: Ornamental sweet potatoes are low-maintenance choice

Posted 6/18/2016 in Columns

The Old Farmer's Almanac says the official start of summer is June 20 at 6:34 p.m., but after this past weekend, I'm convinced we're already into summer.


Being Beautiful: A Tale of Two Rivers: Mississippi to Rio Grande

Posted 6/11/2016 in Columns

"It's Colorado rocky mountain high. I've seen it rainin' fire in the sky." I have heard this lyric by the late John Denver all my life, but recently it has come to mean a great deal more to me.



A Stone's Throw: The short story

Posted 6/11/2016 in Columns

SOS! I really think I need something to save me from an unexpected problem.



Being Beautiful: Time stands still, then passes us by

Posted 6/4/2016 in Columns

I remember sitting for hours turning the white knobs left, then right, on that little red square from my toy box.


Southern Gardening: Vermillionaire can fend for itself, flower all summer

Posted 6/4/2016 in Columns

Like almost every gardener I know, I want a gorgeous looking garden and landscape that is drought tolerant and requires little maintenance.


Being Beautiful: Like a child in a candy store

Posted 5/28/2016 in Columns

My favorite book when I was a little boy had to be "Coco's Candy Shop." I traveled across the colorful pages with Coco and friends as we all learned valuable life lessons.



A Stone's Throw: Give them a hand

Posted 5/28/2016 in Columns

Along with my Mothers' Day gift, my daughter Nora Frances gave me a card that spelled out "I Love You" in sign language, the kind where the hand shapes the signs for letters. I knew immediately that it was not an idle choice, but one that had special meaning among our family stories.


Southern Gardening: Annual pentas are choice summer blooming plants

Posted 5/28/2016 in Columns

Pentas are among the best annual summer color plants we can grow in Mississippi gardens and landscapes. Besides providing great color for us to enjoy, pentas are magnets for butterflies and hummingbirds because they are rich sources of nectar.

Southern Gardening: Celosias perform well as summer annuals

Posted 5/21/2016 in Columns

Choosing flowering annuals at the garden center is always an easy task if you have celosias on your shopping list.


Being Beautiful: All the colors of the rainbow, and then some

Posted 5/21/2016 in Columns

There's nothing quite like opening up that yellow and green Crayola lid to get lost in the familiar smell of a new box of crayons.



Being Beautiful: Remembering a Prince among men

Posted 5/14/2016 in Columns

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life."



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