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Being Beautiful: Pink: so much more than a color in a box of crayons

Posted 4/17/2016 in Columns

I remember the first time I met her. She called herself "a fan" of my column, and that's why she reached out to me.


Southern Gardening: Alternanthera is strong summer garden choice

Posted 4/17/2016 in Columns

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Purple Knight Alternanthera's designation as Mississippi Medallion winner.


Betty Stone: Somehow, I'm gonna make it, I think

Posted 4/9/2016 in Columns

The thing is I've got eight grandchildren, and four of them have already or are going to get married within a little over a year. That is a lot of festivity for someone my age. Actually, it is downright stressful, but it proves not all stress is bad.


Gary Bachman: SunPatiens tolerate heat, bring color to landscapes

Posted 4/9/2016 in Columns

New Guinea impatiens and SunPatiens are similar in appearance and impressive with their ability to brighten any landscape, but SunPatiens have a much higher tolerance for Mississippi's summer heat.


Being Beautiful: Riding shotgun

Posted 4/2/2016 in Columns

I drove my cars fast when I was a boy. Vroom, vroom.


Southern Gardening: Plant sun coleus for vibrant summer color

Posted 4/2/2016 in Columns

I have to admit most of my gardening life can be summed up by this saying that someone shared with me on social media: "Real gardeners buy at least 10,000 plants in the course of a lifetime without having the least idea where they'll put any of them when they get home."


A Stone's Throw: Happy Easter!

Posted 3/26/2016 in Columns

Happy Easter! Today is the highest holy day in the Christian calendar, and we rejoice on many levels. I have been reflecting on what Easter meant to me at various stages of my life. It is probably much like yours.



Being Beautiful: Times change, and so must I change with them

Posted 3/26/2016 in Columns

Mama and I fussed over those baskets for hours, filling them with chocolate bunnies, marshmallow peeps and jelly beans.


Southern Gardening: Shrimp plants are easily grown, bloom all summer

Posted 3/26/2016 in Columns

This past weekend, the Garden Extravaganza was held in Jackson, and I have to say I'm feeling really inspired.

Southern Gardening: Include Superbells in flowerbeds for color

Posted 3/19/2016 in Columns

Now is the time to start planning for the color punch that most gardeners want in the upcoming warm summer season.


A Stone's Throw: One slave's story

Posted 3/12/2016 in Columns

You may have heard this story. It is about a slave who was abducted from his natural country by slave traders when he was about 16 years old.



Being Beautiful: Pressing pause on time gone by

Posted 3/12/2016 in Columns

I wonder why we are so darned sentimental.


Southern Gardening: Use Picasso Supertunias in summer landscapes

Posted 3/12/2016 in Columns

As I walked around my landscape this weekend, I was really impressed with how my three winter staples -- pansies, violas and Telstar dianthuses -- are enjoying the lengthening days and a little bit of warmer weather.

Southern Gardening: Pericallis bring early color to containers

Posted 3/5/2016 in Columns

What does a warm, early-spring weekend and home gardeners itching to get out and plant something add up to? You're correct if you answered all kinds of plants ready to go on the racks at your local garden center.


A Stone's Throw: A 'kinder, gentler world'

Posted 2/27/2016 in Columns

They say you know you are growing old when you find yourself saying that young people are not having fun the way you and your contemporaries did when you were young.



Being Beautiful: There but for the grace of God, go I

Posted 2/27/2016 in Columns

Mother Teresa said it best, "If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other."



Being Beautiful: With apologies to Gene Kelly, I'm singing in the rain

Posted 2/20/2016 in Columns

Listening to the raindrops beat against the old glass panes brings back my favorite rainy day memories.


Southern Gardening: Medallion winners are good garden choices

Posted 2/20/2016 in Columns

As gardeners across the state are starting spring planting, I want to urge everyone to consider the plants selected as Mississippi Medallion winners for 2016: Serenita Angelonia, muscadine, rosemary, Drift roses and Cherokee Purple tomato.


Being Beautiful: A political novice's assessment of election 2016

Posted 2/13/2016 in Columns

While this space is usually reserved for my trips down memory lane with Mama, my childhood antics on the Dykes Chapel Road, the latest lipstick rage from New York City's red carpets, or the amazing china pattern I found at the thrift store, today I am wading into a river in which I have not swum before -- politics.



A Stone's Throw: From the heart

Posted 2/13/2016 in Columns

When handsome young bachelor Salem Gibson readily agreed to be interviewed for my Valentine column, I thought I was going to get some real advice on attractiveness between the sexes, something like, "A girl chases a boy like the cheese chases the mouse."



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