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That Valentine in the mirror

Posted 2/4/2012 in Columns

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. I always become aware of this event in late January, when everything turns red, pink and glittery. Hearts are aflutter all over town with that Someone Special atop every shopping list. All sizes of stuffed animals -- monkeys, bears, frogs -- sit on shelves wondering who will take them home this year. Nearby are boxes of chocolates, bags of heart-shaped candies and anything and everything with a love motif. I am wondering what I will wrap up in pink tissue paper and stuff into a gift bag complete with a message of my affections (the perfectly chosen Hallmark) for my sweetheart.



Leah Sullivan: Calories in, calories out

Posted 1/31/2012 in Columns

We all know weight loss really comes down to two things: food and exercise. For me, it's all about calories in, calories out, and getting as much nutrition as possible within those daily calories. This is not a revolutionary idea: It is tried and true, simple and straightforward.



Leah Sullivan: Balance

Posted 1/31/2012 in Columns

One of the great challenges in life is finding a balance between all of our obligations and responsibilities. We all have a million things pulling us in every direction: Careers, kids, spouses, family, friends, chores, hobbies -- the list goes on and on.



Shannon Bardwell: To bee or not to bee

Posted 1/31/2012 in Columns

Even though my heart was pure and my intentions were good, we Homo Sapiens have a fine way of trying to control nature and thus creating more problems.


Rufus Ward: The art of history

Posted 1/28/2012 in Columns

When researching Southern history, it is always interesting to find first-person accounts of earlier times, but it is most fascinating to find early images. It is surprising just how many of those early images are around and how they can relate to the present.


David Creel: Fashion runways inspire spring hair styles

Posted 1/28/2012 in Columns

We don't have to look much further than the spring 2012 fashion runways for the most coveted hair trends of the coming season. The hairdo thermometer is hot, and the mercury is rising. Whether it's your favorite fashion designer's catwalk coiffures or the best runway of all -- yours -- here are the buzz-worthy hair looks raising temperatures internationally and in our neck of the woods.



Adele Elliott: Call to artists and art lovers

Posted 1/28/2012 in Columns

There are many reasons to fall in love with a town. Chris and I landed in Columbus about 4 a.m. on a horrible night in August 2005. We were running from a witch named Katrina, her winds whipping too closely at our back. We pulled off the highway into this charming downtown, and felt like Dorothy entering Oz. I remember the funky little Statue of Liberty on a Main Street median, the inviting shops, and the calm allure of a place that seemed so very far from the storm.


Partial to Home poster signing, music series set for Thursday

Posted 1/28/2012 in Columns Following a flurry of voting by the large crowd at the Rosenzweig Arts Center Jan. 5 for an exhibit of photographs by Birney Imes, four selected images have been reproduced in poster form. "Oakland Baptism," (front view), "The Chickenman's Dog," "James' Mother," and "Couple on Catfish Alley" will be available Thursday for purchase during a "down home" reception hosted by the Columbus Arts Council from 5:30-7 p.m. at 501 Main St. Imes will on hand to sign the collectible 16-by-20-inch reproductions.

Put on the dancing shoes: Big band returns Feb. 4

Posted 1/28/2012 in Columns

For area fans of live big band music, opportunities come few and far between. That makes Saturday, Feb. 4, a date to remember. Orchestra leader Gill Harris and The Big Band Theory will present a concert and dance at Trotter Convention Center in downtown Columbus.

MUW Life Enrichment: From baseball to Twitter, the teachers are in

Posted 1/28/2012 in Columns

Boston native Dick Mahoney has stories to share. The retired chemical engineer and baseball writer played semi-pro ball. He also managed and played in the Roy Hobbs Adult Baseball League. Along the way, he met greats like Ted Williams, Nolan Ryan and Yogi Berra and gained entrance to the Boston Red Sox's inner circle.


Adele Elliott: Superman's stained cape

Posted 1/24/2012 in Columns

Once upon a time we were the "good guys." That is what we were taught, and that is what we believed. This country stood for "truth, justice and the American way." I suppose we saw ourselves as Superman, standing on a mountain top, hands on hips, chest inflated, scanning the horizon for wrongs to right.



Shannon Bardwell: Huntin' houses

Posted 1/24/2012 in Columns

"No ma'am," I replied, "we don't live at Elm Lake; that's where they have the golf course and cement swimming ponds. We live in 'the' Prairie."



Shannon Bardwell: Coloring outside the lines

Posted 1/17/2012 in Columns

Once upon a time I told stories, much like Mother Goose, only in a myriad of costumes from a butterfly attending the "butterfly ball" to a cumbersome Myrtle the Turtle. Besides the Starkville Public Library, I adopted a county school and became the "homeroom mother" to a class of third graders.


Local musician garners Song of the Year nod

Posted 1/14/2012 in Columns

Columbus native Joe Shelton remembers hearing his elders saying, "The older I get, the better I was." "But I never fully appreciated the sentiment until I reached that 'elder' plateau myself," he says, smiling.

Jefferson Davis letter donated to Columbus Library

Posted 1/14/2012 in Columns

The Columbus-Lowndes Public Library has announced the donation of a letter written by Confederate President Jefferson Davis to Winfield H. Worthington of Columbus on July 14, 1877.

Hurricane Katrina among Gordy Series topics

Posted 1/14/2012 in Columns

The Gordy Honors College Forum Series opens Thursday, Jan. 19, at 6 p.m. at Nissan Auditorium in Parkinson Hall on the campus of Mississippi University for Women. The Forum Series continues through April, presenting lectures, film and undergraduate research.


Shannon Bardwell: Dodging the bullet

Posted 1/10/2012 in Columns

The morning brought frost and with it a doe out in the field. How does such a large and beautiful animal exist in the wild feeding on nuts, berries and leaves or scattered corn kernels? How powerful she looks; yet graceful, even dainty.


Leah Sullivan: New year, new you

Posted 1/8/2012 in Columns

I don't know about you, but I'm glad the holidays are over. I always feel so out of control with my eating and inconsistent with my workouts for that period between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve. New Year's, on the other hand, is my absolute favorite holiday. Time to brush off the dust of the previous year and usher in a fresh start, a new beginning.


Adele Elliott: It's party time -- again

Posted 1/8/2012 in Columns

The party's over. Or is it? We have finished with Christmas and New Year's celebrations. Hanukkah, Kwanza, the Winter Solstice, and even the Iowa caucus are behind us. The days are cold, and the sky is still too dark. This is the perfect time to hibernate a bit; time for a long nap.


Columbus' five most interesting buildings

Posted 1/8/2012 in Columns

I am frequently asked, "What is the oldest house in Columbus?" However, I would rather answer, "What is the most interesting building in Columbus?" When it comes to the architectural history of Columbus, I have two friends who are the experts and on whom I normally rely for the best information.


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