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David Creel: A kitchen beautician: Then and now

Posted 6/13/2010 in Columns

"Close your eyes, bend over, and let me know if the water's too hot." Before your imagination runs away with you, allow me to interpret those words.



Rob Hardy; Measureless Peril

Posted 6/8/2010 in Columns

South Pacific is a musical set in the naval war in the Pacific during World War II. There were no musicals about the naval war in the Atlantic. Richard Snow, in his book, "A Measureless Peril: America in the Fight for the Atlantic, the Longest Battle of World War II" (Scribner), points out the difference.



Adele Elliott: Ghost stories

Posted 6/6/2010 in Columns

My house is filled with noises. "Things ... go bump in the night" ... and the day. Most of the time, we know it is only squirrels in the attic. They clatter through the walls and rattle around the spaces next to fireplaces.



Shannon Bardwell: Blessed are the PO-lice

Posted 6/6/2010 in Columns

These are some top "cop" stories from when I was the liaison between a charity organization and law enforcement, a little peek behind closed doors.



David Creel: Gathering and gossiping from Mary Kay to the morgue

Posted 6/6/2010 in Columns

Women gather. Well, that's what my daddy always said and still to this day can be heard mumbling, "Humph, women gather and just gossip 'bout nuthin'."


Rufus Ward: Columbus and D-Day

Posted 6/6/2010 in Columns

Today marks the 66th anniversary of D-Day and it brings to mind the role that people from our area played in World War II. Though World War II seems like old history now, I grew up surrounded by relatives to whom it was very real.


Bob Raymond: California visitors enjoy whirlwind of Southern hospitality

Posted 6/6/2010 in Columns

Local author Deborah Schumaker's recent house guests were her son Matthew, his wife Malena Watrous and their 2 year-old son Max from San Francisco.



David Creel: Cosmos trump popcorn as movie theaters welcome premiere

Posted 5/29/2010 in Columns

Remember Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha? Well ... they're back! Sex is "in the city" again! As I write this column, I am the proud holder of two tickets to the midnight premiere of "Sex and the City II,", after waiting feverishly through a month or two of seeing the same preview each time we went to the movies -- which we do a lot.



Roger Trusdale: 'Will play for food' - dog food that is

Posted 5/29/2010 in Columns



Shannon Bardwell: The family that fishes together ...

Posted 5/29/2010 in Columns


Ask Rufus: Pirates, pigs and 470 years of barbecue

Posted 5/29/2010 in Columns

People in the Black Prairie have always taken pride in their history and their Barbecue. Very few, though, realize how close history and barbecue are tied.


Adele Elliott: Kiss a fireman

Posted 5/23/2010 in Columns

You probably saw the smoke that Friday morning. It was hard to miss. For a while it seemed that the entire Southside was in danger of becoming an inferno.



Shannon Bardwell: Bloomers and box springs

Posted 5/23/2010 in Columns

One Friday my friend, Caryl, and I packed a picnic and set out for Caledonia. On a previous trip I had gotten lost in Caledonia and ended up driving round and round in the dark until I saw a church with lights on. I went inside where I beheld a group of men and announced, "I'm lost."



David Creel: No beauty school dropout

Posted 5/23/2010 in Columns

It was the summer of 1989 and I had just said goodbye to all my friends from high school, nervous about my two possible choices for a future: the one my daddy wanted so badly for me and the one I was destined to live out.


Ask Rufus: Memorial Day

Posted 5/23/2010 in Columns

Memorial Day will soon be celebrated across the United States. Here in Columbus, we take pride in celebrating Friendship Cemetery as the place of origin of Memorial Day.


Rob Hardy: "Operation Mincemeat"

Posted 5/21/2010 in Columns

You may well be aware that in World War II the British played a fine trick on the Germans by letting them find a floating a body bearing bogus secret invasion plans.



Rob Hardy: The Arsenic Century

Posted 5/21/2010 in Columns

Because we are complex bags of chemicals with countless processes that must run exactly right if we are to continue our heartbeats and breathing, there is a huge number of poisons that will do us in. Among the most famous is arsenic; without its fame, for instance, the title of the stage and movie classic Arsenic and Old Lace would not have its sting.


Bold print: Two, Columbus artists are among nation's notable printmakers in new book

Posted 5/15/2010 in Columns

They hail from across the United States -- Australia and England, as well. Sixty-three contemporary printmakers whose work was chosen to document in the just-released "Printmakers Today," a 256-page full color compendium on those who create "museum quality work" while translating an ancient art with 21st century vision and technical skill.


Adele Elliott: Bitter tears

Posted 5/15/2010 in Columns

"'If seven maids with seven mops; Swept it for half a year; Do you suppose,' the Walrus said; 'That they could get it clear?'; 'I doubt it,' said the Carpenter; And shed a bitter tear." When Lewis Carroll wrote "The Walrus and the Carpenter" in 1865, this stanza was referring to "great quantities of sand." He could not have known how many bitter tears would be shed over beach cleanup.



Shannon Bardwell: Finders keepers, losers weepers

Posted 5/15/2010 in Columns

While eating lunch in my car at the city parking lot across from the Baptist church, I spotted a small boy about the age of 4 walking with great purpose. He was on the sidewalk passing by "Fourth Estate."



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