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David Creel: No beauty school dropout

Posted 5/23/2010 in Columns

It was the summer of 1989 and I had just said goodbye to all my friends from high school, nervous about my two possible choices for a future: the one my daddy wanted so badly for me and the one I was destined to live out.


Ask Rufus: Memorial Day

Posted 5/23/2010 in Columns

Memorial Day will soon be celebrated across the United States. Here in Columbus, we take pride in celebrating Friendship Cemetery as the place of origin of Memorial Day.


Rob Hardy: "Operation Mincemeat"

Posted 5/21/2010 in Columns

You may well be aware that in World War II the British played a fine trick on the Germans by letting them find a floating a body bearing bogus secret invasion plans.



Rob Hardy: The Arsenic Century

Posted 5/21/2010 in Columns

Because we are complex bags of chemicals with countless processes that must run exactly right if we are to continue our heartbeats and breathing, there is a huge number of poisons that will do us in. Among the most famous is arsenic; without its fame, for instance, the title of the stage and movie classic Arsenic and Old Lace would not have its sting.


Bold print: Two, Columbus artists are among nation's notable printmakers in new book

Posted 5/15/2010 in Columns

They hail from across the United States -- Australia and England, as well. Sixty-three contemporary printmakers whose work was chosen to document in the just-released "Printmakers Today," a 256-page full color compendium on those who create "museum quality work" while translating an ancient art with 21st century vision and technical skill.


Adele Elliott: Bitter tears

Posted 5/15/2010 in Columns

"'If seven maids with seven mops; Swept it for half a year; Do you suppose,' the Walrus said; 'That they could get it clear?'; 'I doubt it,' said the Carpenter; And shed a bitter tear." When Lewis Carroll wrote "The Walrus and the Carpenter" in 1865, this stanza was referring to "great quantities of sand." He could not have known how many bitter tears would be shed over beach cleanup.



Shannon Bardwell: Finders keepers, losers weepers

Posted 5/15/2010 in Columns

While eating lunch in my car at the city parking lot across from the Baptist church, I spotted a small boy about the age of 4 walking with great purpose. He was on the sidewalk passing by "Fourth Estate."



David Creel: Sizzling style, with a bang!

Posted 5/15/2010 in Columns

Bangs are a surefire way to accessorize the season. Snip, snip, snipping is so last year and trims are passé.


Ask Rufus: Before Columbus Air Force Base, there was Payne Field

Posted 5/15/2010 in Columns

This weekend is the spectacular air show at Columbus Air Force Base. Several people have asked about how long an air base has been here. The answer surprised most people, as Columbus Air Force Base was not the first pilot training base in the area.

Rufus Ward: Visions of Fort Apache and Tennessee Williams

Posted 5/8/2010 in Columns

I was recently asked if I had any information as to the name of the doctor who delivered Tennessee Williams when he was born in Columbus in 1911.


Adele Elliott: Release

Posted 5/8/2010 in Columns

This is the time we think about mothers and their children. It will be a difficult day for my sister and brother and I. We lost our mother only a few months ago. I handle my grief with complete denial.



Betty Stone: The minstrel show

Posted 5/8/2010 in Columns

What piqued her interest was the memory of visiting our West Point grandparents when she heard the Rabbit Foot Minstrel was coming to town.



Shannon Bardwell: Little big woman

Posted 5/8/2010 in Columns

Momma never wanted to stay home, not ever. We were a bit at odds about that toward the end. "Momma, gas is $5 a gallon. We can't just ride around all day."



David Creel: Thank you, Columbus, for the gift of hope

Posted 5/8/2010 in Columns

Pardon me as I stray from my usual topics of lipsticks, mascaras and bangs for this column, but last Friday morning my definition of "beauty" was expanded when the historic house we called home was destroyed by fire. The phone rang in Jackson, where I was visiting with our four dogs, Naomi, Stella, Lillian and Sophia, and I have not been the same since.


Rufus Ward: Tan Yard Park

Posted 5/2/2010 in Columns

A few days ago I was asked: “Why in the world would they want to name the new Columbus soccer complex Tan Yard Park?” Historically there is a very good reason for that name.


Adele Elliott: To market, to market

Posted 5/2/2010 in Columns

For centuries, philosophers have pondered the question — is there life after Pilgrimage? Yes, the pilgrims have moved on. They probably imagine that Columbus quickly converts to a sleepy village, only to awaken next spring when the travelers return.



David Creel: Hairstyles for all facial shapes

Posted 5/2/2010 in Columns

When invited recently to be a guest lecturer on beauty and style for an upcoming event, I rolled up my shirt sleeves and dove into the notes from classes, workshops and seminars that chronicle my past 18 years as a student of beauty in some of the most glamorous cities around the country.



Shannon Bardwell: Cancer be not proud

Posted 5/2/2010 in Columns

I woke up one morning thinking about Sue. There wasn’t anything Sue couldn’t do, except beat cancer. She was the epitome of the “earth mother.” She made everything from scratch, organically. She organized food co-operatives: “Apple Blossom,” another “Milk and Honey,” one beautiful; one basic. Every Tuesday her garage was filled with brown paper bags. Women came to retrieve their weekly rations, the click click from the high heels of the bank teller to the soft padded steps of the soccer mom.



Rob Hardy: Angels

Posted 4/28/2010 in Columns

Angels are all around us. They flutter in stained glass windows, of course, and in cemeteries, but little ones shoot arrows into hearts, especially around Valentine’s Day, and they show up in movies like “It’s a Wonderful Life” or “Wings of Desire.” Something like 70 percent of Americans believe in real angels, not just the one shown in art, and they believe that angels are busy doing things and helping us along.



Betty Stone: The circus!

Posted 4/24/2010 in Columns

Recent TV ads informed me that Ringling Brothers-Barnum and Bailey Circus was performing in Tupelo. I remembered the last time I went to a local circus, when our children were small. I vowed I’d never, never, no never, go again.



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