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Bigger and brighter -- Columbus' new Humane Society shelter hosts open house Oct. 29

Posted 10/19/2013 in Community

Several days ago, Karen Johnwick stepped into the dingy, cramped and cracked building that only a few weeks ago was home to the Columbus-Lowndes Humane Society. "When I walked in I wondered again -- how did we work here so long?" the shelter's executive director said.

It all starts with that first book: One Columbus group is on a mission to make First Book a household name in the battle against illiteracy

Posted 10/12/2013 in Community

A troop of zany aliens is headed to Earth, but not to take over the planet, oh no. They're just out to steal underwear -- from woolly long johns to pink frillies. And what do you call a grandpa who drags his grandson to a monster truck show in the middle of a tornado? Awesome, that's what.


Overdue? Library offers fine-free weekend

Posted 10/12/2013 in Community


The clay lady: Inspired by the living world around her, Sheila Clark just can't get enough - of making pottery, that is

Posted 10/6/2013 in Community

Sheila Clark is nature's child, open to textures, shapes and hues that surround her. The bark of a tree, veins in a leaf or the swirl of a mollusk shell may be her muse. Once inspired -- and she's always inspired -- her hands recycle the gift, channeling it into pottery pieces, both large and small.

Fish and Wildlife connects with Palmer Home children

Posted 10/6/2013 in Community

Banks around Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge were filled with young fishing enthusiasts Sept. 28 as 55 children from Palmer Home's Columbus and Hernando campuses were treated to a day in the great outdoors, thanks to 24 U.S. Fish and Wildlife employees participating in the Advanced Leadership Development Program.

Down on the farm: Getting to know your food and where it comes from

Posted 10/2/2013 in Community

Old MacDonald made room for a younger generation of farmers Sunday, plus an estimated 50 to 70 people who wanted to check out their farms. The fairly new Mississippi Sustainable Agriculture Network coordinated free tours Sept. 29 of Black Creek Farms in Columbus, Beaverdam and High Hope Farms in Cedar Bluff, and Bountiful Harvest Farm in Starkville.

Clothesline project: Silent messages speak out against gender violence in stirring display

Posted 9/28/2013 in Community

They barely fluttered in a scant breeze Wednesday, as watery sunlight strained to break cloud cover. One thousand T-shirts or more, hanging on clotheslines on Mississippi State's drill field. They were of all colors, covered with messages in turn stark, poignant, angry, hopeful, emancipating -- each silent, but powerfully speaking out against violence, especially sexual violence, against women and men.


Collect your own seeds for next year's planting

Posted 9/28/2013 in Community



Military brief: Williams graduates

Posted 9/28/2013 in Community


Boomtown for butterflies: Have you noticed? There's a lot of feasting and fluttering going on in downtown Columbus

Posted 9/22/2013 in Community

If ever there was a case of "build it and they will come," the Lowndes County Master Gardeners found it. What they built is a 4,000-square-foot butterfly garden at the Columbus Riverwalk. And, indeed, the winged insects have come, clad in brilliant coats of autumn amber, ultramarine and buttercup yellow. The pipevine swallowtails, eastern tigers and little skippers, the Gulf fritillaries and monarchs. Cloudless sulphurs, buckeyes, too.


Welty Symposium writers announced

Posted 9/22/2013 in Community



Fitness fundraiser Monday benefits Father's Child Ministry

Posted 9/22/2013 in Community



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