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BREAKING NEWS (UPDATED) - Mississippi State junior WR Chad Bumphis arrested


Mississippi State junior wide receiver Chad Bumphis

Mississippi State junior wide receiver Chad Bumphis


Matt Stevens


STARKVILLE -- Mississippi State University junior wide receiver Chad Bumphis was arrested in his hometown of Tupelo early Sunday morning and charged with disorderly conduct and public drunkenness. 


The Lee County Sheriff's Department confirmed Sunday morning to The Dispatch Bumphis' arrest occurred at 1:31 a.m. in the city proper of Tupelo and released nearly an hour later after being booked on the two charges. 


Bumphis, a junior WR for MSU who has one year of eligibility left, has a court date scheduled on Jan. 12 in Lee County Courthouse.  


The 5-foot-10 receiver, who was one of the first recruits by MSU head coach Dan Mullen after accepting the position with the Bulldogs, led the Bulldogs in catches in each of his first two seasons and finished the 2011 campaign with 24 catches (third on the team) for 342 yards and three touchdowns.  


Bumphis has taken his frustrations over the incident to his Twitter page, @ImSo_BalisMade1, Sunday morning with posts such as:  


"I'm putting on for y'all and still got haters n my own city!!! It's crazy how life works." 


"Hey. Imma continue to do me and live my life the way I know best. Either u with me or against me. Either way I thank you!!" 


The Dispatch has contacted MSU spokespeople and Mullen personally for comment but have yet to receive a response.  


Bumphis, who has one year of eligibility remaining with MSU, used his Twitter page to describe his side of the incident as such:  


"However, I do want the bulldog nation to know I did nothing wrong. I'm taking picture with fans and apparently it make people mad. Im taking pictures with fans an get attacked with bottles. Ask anyone who was there, they know! But its all good. Ill bounce back!!" 




UPDATED (1:23 p.m.) - Bumphis was arrested after being involved in an incident at the Atlanta Bar & Grill in downtown Tupelo. Several other people were arrested as well after the incident.  


Mississippi State football team spokesperson Joe Galbraith has released this statement after Bumphis' arrest.  


"We will handle this the way we would any other incident, especially a situation where there are differing accounts. The team is expected back next Sunday, classes begin Monday, and we will continue to assess the situation." 




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