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What they're saying nationally about Rick Ray to Mississippi State



Matt Stevens


STARKVILLE - The Dispatch MSU Sports Blog polled writers and college basketball analysts from across the country to see what the perspective of the hire of Clemson associate head coach Rick Ray as Mississippi State University's next head men's basketball coach.  


Without further ado... 




Jimmy Dykes, ESPN college basketball analyst: 




"Rick Ray is a great hire for Mississippi State. He is extremely well thought of in the coaching profession on every level. He comes from a background under Brad Brownell and Matt Painter which is all you need to know. His teams will be tough, disciplined, and will be demanded to play hard. 


Scott Stricklin did Mississippi State fans right in this hire. He will quickly establish a new trail and philosophy for MSU basketball. Great success ahead for Rick Ray and that program." 




Bart Wright, Sports Editor, Greenville (S.C.) News: 




"Good hire. He's ready. Brownell's system gives assistants on rotation a chance to do everything the head coach does from receive scouting reports to formulate game plan and presenting them to team. I love the hard road he took. If you check, he never took shortcuts and moved up each time based on knowledge and ability. He has a great backstory and is one of those motion offense, vigorous defense guys. His approach will to make it built to last. Great shot for him good hire assuming they support him at Mississippi State." 




Chris Dortch, Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook editor:  




"A surprise to me, but only because his name hadn't been circulated. I suspect that's the way Scott Stricklin wanted it. I know he comes from a good system, will work hard and do things the right way. I thought maybe the choice would have had head-coaching experience, but that isn't a guarantee of future success." 




Gary Parrish, CBS college basketball national writer: 




"I know Rick Ray doesn't excite State fans, but guess who else knows that? Scott Stricklin. And yet, he made the hire. He really put himself out there to make this hire, and I can appreciate that because too often athletic directors take the predictable and easy way out. Scott didn't do that though. This is HIS hire. And while I can't guarantee it'll go well because nobody can guarantee such things in situations like this, what I like about the hire is that it takes Scott having a core belief in Ray to get this done, and that's the type of confidence I think all good athletic directors should posses." 




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