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Sunday Talk w/ Dan Mullen - Mullen on Ole Miss: 'Since the day I've got here they've wanted to get a win against me.'


Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen talking to SEC Network reporter Cara Capuano Saturday after a 45-14 victory over the University of Arkansas.

Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen talking to SEC Network reporter Cara Capuano Saturday after a 45-14 victory over the University of Arkansas. Photo by: Matthew Stevens/Dispatch photo



Matt Stevens


STARKVILLE - No, Mississippi State University coach Dan Mullen did not refer to this week's opponent by name - it's Egg Bowl week folks. He did mentioned in his weekly teleconference that he has seen the Rebels program play harder and with completely different schemes on both sides of the ball under new head coach Hugh Freeze. I thought I'd just give you the full transcript of what Mullen had to say and let you chew on that as you begin your digestion of Egg Bowl coverage from The Dispatch MSU Sports Blog.  




Dan Mullen  




Opening comment:  


"Obviously yesterday was a big win for us. We made a lot of plays we needed to make. There's some things we have to correct. We made a bunch of mistakes that could've costed us the game. In the last couple of games, those mistakes have cost us but they didn't cost us on Saturday. The fact that we made some big plays and give our guys some confidence allowed to get the job done when we needed to get it done." 




On Egg Bowl vs. Ole Miss' defense:  




"From what I've seen they put a lot of smaller guys on the field. They play with some smaller quicker guys and try to cause some disruption that way. They're very aggressive. They're going to come after you with pressure." 




"This game kind of stands alone on what it is. I think last year's game was bowl eligibility for us and more importantly it was to win the Egg Bowl. I imagine we'll always get the other team's best shot." 




On finding on film the mistakes of the 3 losses are correctable:  




"I think it helps in those but in other things we still have to correct. We still turned the ball over one time int the red zone trying to score late. We did have a couple miscommunications on defense and I think we have to get some things corrected this week. When you point out on film the corrections we are making and say 'keep your focus and we can make those improvements'. I think that win and the fact we were able to improve in other ways will help us as we do move forward." 




On the shuffling the safeties and cornerbacks:  




"I do (think the communication was better) but we still had a couple errors. We created big plays on defense with all the turnovers and two, when there was an error, it didn't result in a big play for them." 




On OL play:  




"I think they've done some good things all year. There's some things in the offensive line we have to correct but at this time in the regular season you've got young guys that have been banged up and it is a matter of how you get used to this and improve through the career." 




Environment in Oxford:  




"I'll be honest with you, I think since the day I've got here they've wanted to get a win against me. We're going to be expecting it to be a loud, hostile environment just like wherever you go in this league. Probably more so because the fact that it is a big rivalry game." 




On Ole Miss offense:  




"They're a totally different offense than they have been in the past. Different defense as well and that happens with a new coaching staff. It's going to be a very different team than we've seen in the past but it looks like to me that Hugh has his guys playing hard and battling right down to the wire in most of their games this year. We expect a four-quarter fight." 




On similarities of 2009 as well? 




"I think there's always some excitement when there's something different happening and it's how much do the guys believe in what they're doing. Our guys have really bought into everything we're doing as a program and it's shown on the field. It looks like they're on the right path by playing hard and the number one thing I look at when you turn on the film is well, what I'd want to see which is all 11 guys on the field playing really hard. If you do that, you have the opportunity to be successful and I've seen their team play really hard this season." 




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