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Dispatch Fall Camp Practice Report #5 - First closed practice to media/public brings massive rain as Bulldogs head to the farm




Matt Stevens


STARKVILLE - Dan Mullen is convinced he is living the human reality of a Charlie Brown character because seemingly every time he wants a full practice outside, like he and the Mississippi State University football team tried to do Tuesday, the weather conditions force a move inside to the Palmeiro Center.  


"We did the smart thing today and went inside and of course, no more storms," Mullen said. "If we'd have stayed, it probably would've still been raining. I'm the rainmaker. You could schedule practice outdoors with me right now at any time and it'll probably rain." 


Mullen said Tuesday night he was impressed with how his team adapted to the distraction of the practice stoppage, the move indoors and the work that was accomplished with the entire 105-player roster inside the practice facility for the final hour of practice.  


"We even moved the practices at farm back later because we did a study," Mullen said. "The average rain fall comes at 4 p.m., and sure enough rain came later this year. We're going to schedule practices wherever they need a drought fixed around the country I swear." 


Mullen said the MSU program is still under the first installation of all the basic offense and defense sets right now with summer school still in session at MSU. Finals for the summer semester are on Friday so major installations won't be until MSU starts two-a-day practices Saturday.  


"We're going to have a scrimmage after that and to me, it's like phase two where we move into the hotel, get school over with and get down to work," Mullen said. 




Here's some bullet points of noticeable items gleamed from Tuesday's media session (NOTE: With no ability to see for ourselves, understand these items are coming unverified from MSU coach Dan Mullen): 




- Mullen talked about the talent depth MSU has at receiver and cornerback but the inexperience gives the coaching staff pause. Mullen mentioned Jameon Lewis and Robert Johnson at receiver while also concerns about "some bumps and bruises" developing at that position. Jamerson Love and Justin Cox were also mentioned Tuesday as potential breakout players for 2013.  




- Mullen mentioned the offensive line experience, with four returning starters coming back to 2013 squad, will help later on in practice because "that's the group that is normally having to catch up with everybody else".  




- Mullen was also asked about the increase in the financial stipend idea that University of South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier said was voted unanimously in favor of by all 14 football coaches and men's basketball coach. Mullen, who is in his fifth year at MSU, agreed with Spurrier's plea but acknowledged the hurdles that go along with a complex issue as that.  


"For our guys that our guys that are out here year round, they don't have time to get a part-time job that other college students are going to have time to go do," Mullen said. "The ability to have a little bit of spending money to have the ability to get a pizza on a Friday, take a girl out on a date, because we're taking about being able to go out and be a regular guy." 




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